About Terry

Hi everyone! My name is Terry and I am third year pharmacy student. Attending the USciences has not only provided me a great education but also fun memories! I am always on the go and involved in numerous university organizations such as APhA, research, student ambassador, and cross country. When I am not busy with studying and clubs, I love to spend my time baking. I consider it a great way to relieve stress and in the end I get to eat a delicious snack. I also love taking advantage of the city of Philadelphia. There are so many exciting restaurants, concerts, and festivals for everyone’s liking! I hope to offer exciting insight as a typical UScience student!


APhA Fashion Show

This Wednesday a pharmacy organization called American Pharamcy Association (APhA) is hosting a fashion show which promotes healthy heart habits and self care. The idea of the event is to promote a healtier lifestyle. Melissa Coleman will be the guest speaker from the Gift of Life House who will help raise awareness about cardiovascular diease, heartburn health, and the Donor Dash to the UScience campus. After the presentation about 20 students (including me) will be participating in the fashion show. This is a great event to have some fun and support our friends. For the fashion show there will be three events: evening wear, school spirit, and costume. It will also be just as exicting for the audience because there will be great prizes such as North Face, Vera Bradley, and gift cards to a lot of local restuaurants which will be raffled off. I am excited and I know it will be a great event!




Spring Break- Philadelphia Edition

This past week was my spring break and even though I did not go anywhere extravagant, I spent my week enjoying Philadelphia. I normally go home to Harrisburg for spring break but this year I was in Philadelphia because of work. It was a nice change of pace to work instead of doing school work!


Philadelphia has a lot great cafes and I went to two this week. My favorite cafe is Green Line which is located on 44th and Locus. It is my favorite because it is not to far from campus and they serve delicious, large lattes. I like going there on the weekends for a couple of hours to read over notes or do writing assignments. Another café I went to was Lover’s and Madmen, which is located on 40th, and Market. It is very cozy and quiet; if you have a lot of work I highly recommend this place because of its quiet ambiance.


Not only are there great places to enjoy a cup of coffee but also there are plenty of great places to shop. Center City is the heart of Philadelphia, which is just a 10-minute trolley ride away. The easy access was very accessible when I needed to get a birthday present for a friend this week. The main shopping area is on Chestnut and Walnut Street. I could easily spend all day in the area going to stores like Zara, Urban Outfitters, and Steve Madden. However, if you are interested in some serious shopping there is the King of Prussia (KOP). After work this week, I drove to KOP to meet up with a friend for some nice retail therapy. Any store you can possibly think of is at KOP!


After spending many hours shopping, I usually build up a hearty appetite. On University of Penn campus there are a lot of great places to eat. This week I went to Bobby’s Burger Palace located on 39th and Walnut. The owner is Bobby Flay where they serve 10 different kinds of burgers. My favorite is the LA Burger which as avocados, watercress, cheddar cheese, and tomatoes. The restaurant has a modern flare to this all-American meal.


All week the weather was cloudy and raining but on Saturday and Sunday it was warm, beautiful, and sunny. Saturday I walked around Main Street in Germantown, which is about a 30 minute, drive outside of the city. Main Street had many local shops and restaurants where many of the local residents walked around enjoying the weather. If any of you watched the show Gilmore Girls, the town had the same atmosphere. On Sunday, I went to see the Men Penn’s Tennis at Penn Park. The sun was shinning and it was nice to be outdoors enjoying the weather while watching an exciting game of tennis!


Even though most of my classmates spent their spring break in California, Vegas, and Florida, I can say I spent just as much of an exciting time in Philadelphia!


The moment we have all been waiting for...White Coat!!

This past Saturday was the Annual White Coat Ceremony for the P1 pharmacy students. For those of you who are unfamiliar about White Coat, it is a ceremony that represents a student’s arrival into pharmacy school. The white coat represents every student’s long hours of studying and hard work towards his or her acceptance into pharmacy school. The ceremony meant a lot to me because I am not the traditional pharmacy student who was immediately accepted right after high school. I was biology major and internally transferred into the program so it took me a while to get to where I am now but it was worth all of the hard work! Family and friends of the students came to the ceremony to support all 170 P1 pharmacy students. The ceremony was very nicely organized; it last for about an hour and a half. The highlight of the ceremony was recognizing every student by calling his or her name to walk across the stage to receive a Philadelphia College of Pharmacy pin. But more importantly that receiving the pin is taking pictures with your friends and family after the ceremony. Seeing everyone taking pictures reminded me of prom because everyone wanted pictures with everyone! When I was done taking pictures with all my friends, my family and I went to China Town for lunch. We went to Sang Kee, which is known for their peeking duck and one of my favorite places in Chinatown. There were about 10 of us at lunch but I think we ordered enough food to feed 20 people. Overall it was an exciting day to spend with my family and friends!

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