About Hayley

My name is Hayley and I am a third year pharmacy student at USciences. I am from a small town in Pennsylvania called Kennett Square. On campus I am involved in APhA, a professional pharmacy organization, and also NCP, a professional organization geared towards people that may someday want to start their own pharmacy. I am also a student ambassador. When I'm not busy studying I enjoy running, shopping, and just hanging out with my friends. This blog will be about my experiences on campus and daily college life.



As you progress further into your education and major at Usciences, the course work gets harder, but so do the expectations outside of school. Students have to face rotations, internships, and the worry of being able to get a job when you graduate. USci is constantly having different presentations and programs to help answer your questions and alleviate the stress. There are some presentations from students who have graduated and were in our position, or students that are older than us that have gone through what we are going through and are willing to help. Also, there are always emails going around about places of employment that need interns, and networking events that the school will be hosting. Also, professors are always available via email to answer any questions you may have that these events did not answer. While rotations, internships, and jobs are stressful, USci tries to help you alleviate that stress and be prepared to the best of your ability.

Student Discover Card

If anyone is looking for a great credit card designed specifically for students, I would recommend the Discover It card. It offers features such as 1% cash back on all purchases, 5% cash back on some purchases, and no annual fees. Also, they do text and email reminders when your statement is up and when your bill is due, and they have the best customer service. It is fast and based in America. If you refer someone else to get the card, you each get 50 dollars cash back. I have been a member for a while now and they are willing to help with everything and it's nice to get money back every month. Sometimes it is hard for students to get credit cards, but since this one is specifically geared towards students, it is easier to get.

Alternative Spring Break

Spring break is finally here. After classes Friday, we will be free for one week. Some students choose to do an alternative spring break that USciences offers. The alternative spring break is a program where students choose to spend their spring break working with community organizations and learning about a specific social issue. The theme for this year is Aging and Older Adults in Philadelphia. Over the course of the week the group of students will visit with a variety of non-profit organizations working to support senior citizens in Philadelphia and advocate for the needs of older adults in the Philadelphia community, such as the Center for Advocacy for the Rights and Interests of the Elderly (CARIE), the Philadelphia Corporation for Aging, local senior centers, and senior housing communities. They will learn about each organization’s mission, values, and strategies for social change while also participating in service for these organizations. Each day will end with a reflection activity for students to be able to connect the activities of the day to  strategies for social change, as well as their own lives.

USciences Olympics

The sixth annual USciences Olympics will come to a close tonight. Every year, Usciences holds USciences Olympics which is an opportunity for student organizations or formed teams to participate in 13 competitions over 45 days. Some examples of the activities are rifle shooting, trivial pursuit, soccer, Frisbee, and more. Each event is concluded with the presentation of Gold ($100), Silver ($75), and Bronze ($50) Awards to the top three finishers. This prize money goes toward each team’s respective organization. The overall gold medal team gets announced tonight and gets year long recognition until the next Olympics.



Eating Disorder Awareness Week

This week at USci and all over was eating disorder awareness week. USci had many events to commemorate this week and bring awareness to the cause. There was mirrorless Monday where students were challenged to go all day without looking in mirror (mirrors around campus were covered up by paper), on Tuesday there was a jean donation for charity, Wednesday there was an exhibit of artwork done by women in recovery from eating disorders, and Thursday there will be a breaking the stigma event where students share negative experiences they have had and collectively the student body will break the stigma. These are all great events to bring awareness to a disease that often gets overlooked.



When I am giving tours, I get many questions regarding internships and how USciences integrates students into the workfield of their future profession. I figured I would do a short blog on the experiences I have had as a pharmacy student. We are encouraged to get an internship at a pharmacy as soon as we enter into our third year and they guide us through the process of getting our intern license and how go about getting a job and recording hours. The summer between 3rd year and 4th year we have to do 80 hours in a community pharmacy of our choice and do many different activities in the pharmacy to get a feel for it. The summer between 4th and 5th year students have to do a 2 week hospital rotation, a one week community pharmacy (patient oriented) rotation, and a one week rotation in a setting of your choice. Our sixth year here is all rotations in different settings. Also there are many networking events held on campus all the time. USciences has many opportunities for students to get their name into the field and also to work in all different atmospheres and get many experiences so when we graduate we will be prepared and know where to go and what to do.


Martin Luther King Day

On Monday, Usciences had off of school due to Martin Luther King Day. On this day, students were offered the opportunity to participate in Philadelphia's Martin Luther King Day of Service event. There were many different organizations offering service projects and activities in honor of Martin Luther King Jr.'s legacy and dream. Our school specifically offered chances to volunteer to clean up and mulch Clark Park, clean up the Woodlands cemetary, clean up the Philadelphia Veteran's House, and there were a couple health fairs that one could attend and participate in. There was a food donation drive at the ARC and some workshops on MLK day, health, and services. It was a great opportunity to get involved in the community and help people out while remembering Martin Luther King Jr. that hopefully USciences will continue to offer. 


New Food Options

After coming back from winter break, students found that there were a couple new food options at USciences. Wilson Express now offers hot beverages such as hot tea, cappucinos, espresso, and hot chocolate. It also offers hot breakfast options. There are grab and go sandwiches and sides such as bagel or crossaint sandwiches and tater tots/hashbrowns. There is also a scrambled egg plate with meat and potatoes, breakfast pizzas, and danishes/pastries. Right before we left for winter break, a new Dunkin Donuts opened up on 41st and Chester. It is a nice alternative to Starbucks and is always a great option for a quick snack or drink on the go. 


Thanksgiving Dinners

USciences is working with the office of City Councilwoman to provide Thanksgiving meals to West Philadelphia families who could not otherwise afford such a meal. The owner of Allegro's Pizza is providing the turkeys, but students and organizations can sign up to provide all the rest of meal such as stuffing, fruit, potatos, gravy, rolls, dessert, and vegetables. There is a sign up to sign up to donate the items and then this Monday there is a collection. Last year, 93 meals were provided, and this year, the goal is 125. This is a nice project that USciences does to support local families and make sure everyone gets a good meal on Thanksgiving.


Leadership at the Movies

This Thursday USci is hosting an event called leadership at the movies which promotes and gives many tips on leadership while allowing you to relax and enjoy the presentation with free pizza and raffle tickets.The main goal of this event is to create a Leadership Learning Community here on campus through which both students and faculty can apply the skills in their academic, personal, and professional healthcare settings. There will be various movie clips shown to demonstrate leadership including clips from The Lorax, Mean Girls, Coach Carter, and many more. The reason we will be incorporating movie clips is so you can see the examples of both good and bad leadership skills being demonstrated, making the content more relatable to your everyday life.The entire presentation is based around the book "Multipliers" by Liz Wiseman.

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