About Cameron

Hey guys! My name is Cameron Golden and I am a third year pharmacy student here at the University of the Sciences. When I find myself not in class or busy studying for upcoming exams, I try to get involved with campus life as much as possible and interact with fellow students here on campus. Some organizations I am currently involved in are Black Student Union, International Society and USciences Christian Fellowship. Also, as surprising as it may seem, I still manage to find time to work as a Student Ambassador for the university and proudly serve as the manager of Culture Shock dance group. Being that I am originally from Virginia, I like to go out and explore the “city of brotherly love” whenever I have the chance. I feel that, with a million different things to do, there’s always an exciting experience to be had and lifelong memories to be made. So I invite you to follow me on my many journeys here at USciences, in the beautiful city of Philadelphia and encourage you to discover your own adventures as well.


"It's Always Yummy in Philadelphia"

For all of us college students out there who hardly ever have two pennies to rub together, there comes a time ever year that has us all overly excited…and that’s Restaurant Week! For two weeks, once every fall and spring semester, over 130 restaurants offer three course meals for the fairly low price of $35. We’re not talking about the mediocre food that you may have encountered in your high school cafeteria; no these are five star, gourmet restaurants with delicious and delectable menu options that never fail to satisfy. My friends and I usually use this opportunity to try out new restaurants in the city and possibly indulge in foods that we normally would not. For example, this year we decided to go to a Latin American and Mediterranean restaurant called “Valanni” in Center City. While there we spoiled ourselves with lobster mac & cheese, scallops, seafood paella, spicy chicken empanadas and so much more. And if that doesn’t do it for you, we also enjoyed Oreo beignets, milk chocolate mousse and homemade banana pudding for desert. I don’t know about you, but walking out of a restaurant with a full stomach and a fuller wallet sounds like a successful night if you ask me. So next semester, when you finally get sick of filling up on greasy pizza and eating your meals out of Chinese food boxes, grab your friends and head out to your favorite restaurant for Restaurant Week. Make it an adventure…try something new, enhance your food pallet and most importantly just have fun with it.  


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