About Amanda

"Life is either a great adventure or nothing." -Helen Keller

My name is Amanda and I am on my great adventure at USciences! For me, being involved in campus clubs and activities is essential. I am the Vice President of Finance for the Student Government Association, a USciences Ambassador, as well as a member of the American Pharmacist Association, the Student Conduct Committee, and the Exercise Science Wellness Management Club! To say the least my days are jam packed with excitement and I’d love to share my unique adventure with you!



2015-03-11 20.25.28-1Over the years one of my favorite events at USciences has been bingo, more specifically Bio Bingo!  When I first started attending this events a few years ago it was hosted by the American Institute of Biological Sciences and Microbiology Club.  Most recently, this bingo was hosted by Student Government Association but no matter who hosts the event, it's always a big hit!  The prizes include GIANT Microbes and I Heart Guts items.  From all my bingo winnings I now have a big collection of these items which include plush lungs and a brain!  These prizes are the perfect fit for our science-focused campus and I hope this event continues for years to come!


USciences Olympics

Every year USciences Student Government Association hosts our own Olympic games.  This gives all student groups on campus an opportunity to participate in over 15 events to earn money for their organization.  Examples of some of the events are soccer, ping-pong, academic challenge, scavenger hunt and family feud.  My favorite event so far has been Family Feud.  I am a big fan of the TV show so I was excited to participate in this event.  During Student Government's general assembly meeting over 100 students filled out a survey with various questions that would serve as the answers for Family Feud.  So just like in the show, the Olympic Coordinator said, "over 100 students were polled, and we have the top 5 answers on the board".  Some of the questions were, what is students favorite places to visit in Philadelphia, what will be students first purchase after graduation, and favorite place to eat on campus.  I had a lot of fun at that event and was ahead of the curve since I knew how the game worked since I watched the show.  I think the USciences Olympics are a great opportunity for students to interact with other organizations on campus and have fun!


Interprofessional Education (IPE)

This semester I had the opportunity to take an interprofessional education course at the University of Pennsylvania.  The course was titled Pain Science and Practice, which focused on different therapeutic aspects to manage various types of pain patients experience.  This course included nursing students from University of Pennsylvania's School of Nursing, dental students from University of Pennsylvania's School of Dental Medicine and pharmacy students from USciences.  The course was a mixture of lectures, and interdisciplinary group presentations.  For my evidence based group project, I was paired with a nurse anesthetist.  It was so interesting to hear about her background and learn that we have a lot in common!  During our simulation project, 2015-01-10 08.13.51-1 I had to play the role of an anesthesiology pain service fellow.  I had the opportunity to learn and understand a completely different health care professional role that I had never encountered before.  This was a really unique learning experience that I had the privilege of participating in.  I would highly recommend that students participate in any interprofessional education courses because it provides a glimpse into the learning world of our fellow health care professional!


Student Leadership Awards

Leadership collage

Every year the University acknowledges all the hard work and dedication student leaders contribute to campus throughout the year by hosting the Student Leadership Awards.  There is an open nomination period available for the entire campus to vote on various awards such as Emerging Student Leader, Student Leader of the Year, Synergy Award, Cultural Program of the Year, Greek Man of the Year, Greek Woman of the Year, and many more.  This year I was the recipient of the Student Leader of the Year Award and Student Government Association President's Award.  I was honored to be recognized with multiple nominations for these prestigious awards.  Some of my on campus roles include Student Government Association's Executive Board Chair for Public Relations, Student Government Association Elections Chair, a USciecnes Ambassador, a student committee member of the Conduct Board, and a student member of the Honor Code Steering Committee.  

Over the years I have found that being involved in all these different committees and clubs has allowed me to meet many of the wonderful students, faculty and staff members of our campus.  Being involved on campus allows your voice to be heard and have an active role in making positive changes to our campus community.  This will definitely be remembered as one of my most proud moments while at USciences!


IPEX Construction

Blog ipex

About a year ago I went to the ground breaking ceremony where President Giles-Gee dug in her shovel to begin the work of our new Integrated Professional Education Complex (IPEX).  Now, as you can see in the picture to the right, what used to be a hill has been dug out and a building stands in its place!  The progress that has been made in the last year is unbelievable and according to Dr. Giles-Gee this building is set to open on time this Fall (even after all the winter weather we had)!  The IPEX building will be the home of the physician assistant studies graduate professional program.  Students in majors such as pharmacy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, exercise science, psychology, and health care business and policy will also be using this new space to work together for both traditional and hands-on learning experiences.  This modern architecture will be a new space on campus for students to learn and grow as future health care professionals!


USciences Olympics Closing Ceremony

Thursday night was the USciences Olympics Closing Ceremony.  This wrapped up the two months of events the Spirit Committee hosted.  Events ranged from dodge-ball and ping pong to archery and trivia night!  The organizations earned a combined total of over $3,000 from all their medal winnings!  This year we had a first-time tie for the overall gold medal winner!  Alpha Phi Omega and Phi Kappa Psi earned the same amount of points during our Olympic season and were our Gold Medal winners!  Then Alpha Sigma Tau came in 3rd place with the Bronze Medal.  It's a fun time for all involved and a chance to earn money for all organizations!


Will It Be A Snow Day?

The Student Government Executive Board met with President Giles-Gee and she gave us the step-by-step process of how the University decides whether to stay open or close campus in the event of inclement weather.  

  1. Factors considered are: what is the weather forecast, conditions of the roads,will there be ice?
  2. The decision to close campus the night before is only made if the rate of snow is heavy enough to anticipate that clean up will not be achieved overnight.
  3. A conference call occurs at 5AM between the Director of Facilities, VP of Finance, and Campus Safety Dept.
  4. A call is made to the President with feedback around 5:20AM and a decision is made.
  5. The decision is sent out to the campus by 6AM. 

President Giles-Gee stressed safety is the most important factor when making these decisions.  Each incident is evaluated as an independent event regardless of how many snow days we have had to date.


Olympic Fever

This semester I took an elective in the Exercise Science and Wellness Management department titled "Special Topics The Olympic Games".  This course was specifically designed to coincide with the Winter Olympics going on in Sochi!  I always enjoy watching as many Olympic events as possible but this course has given me more history behind the games.  This week we did an analysis of Sochi's opening ceremony.  The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has a strict outline of what needs to be included in the program so it was interesting to see how Sochi created their event.  We have also reviewed all the different Olympic events and who we should keep an eye out for in those events!  One fun fact I learned is the Olympic Rings colors represent a color in every flag of countries that participate in the games!  


The Prescription

Even though our University has science in its name our students are extremely active in other areas of interest.  Our official student newspaper at USciences is The Prescription.  It is accessible to all via the internet at http://theprescription.org/. The student ran publication covers an array of topics ranging from Campus News, Philadelphia, National, Sports, Health & Fitness, and SGA Corner (my personal favorite)!  The Prescription has a large number of student staff members who contribute to all the different areas of the publication.  It's a great way to see what is going on both inside and outside our USciences bubble!


Philadelphia Restaurant Week


January 19th to January 31st was Philadelphia's much loved Restaurant Week!  Numerous restaurants around the city host three-course meals for lunch and dinner at reduced prices.  Some of Center City's most popular restaurants (that a college student may not be able to afford at other times) are available for reservations throughout this two week period.  This Restaurant Week my friends and I ventured over to The Melting Pot.  I love the fondue dinner because that's really different than most restaurants I go to.  It was a great night out and I'm already looking forward to the next opportunity to go to Restaurant Week again!


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