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2015 Pinkathon Raises $4,500 for Linda Creed Breast Cancer Foundation

Pinkathon #Dear Campus Community,

I would like to once again thank all of you who came out to Pink-a-Thon 2015 last month and hope you all had a great time!  Thanks to you all, we were able to raise $4,500 for the Linda Creed Breast Cancer Foundation!

I would like to also acknowledge some people.  First, thank you to SGA and all of the organizations who participated in our bake sale and hosted tables at the event.  Without you, Pink-a-Thon would not have been as successful and entertaining as it was.  Huge shout out to all of my staff who helped decorate for the event.  I never thought I could ever love anything that pink, but it turned out absolutely amazing!  Finally, I could not have done any of this without the ARC managers and professional staff.  It was a long journey, but you guys came through when I thought I couldn't do it.  Thank you for putting up with me and helping to keep Pink-a-Thon alive and successful as is tradition.

I hope everyone had a great time at Pink-a-Thon 2015 and you all come out next year!  Do you want to get involved next year? We will be having a planning meeting at the beginning of the semester, so please look out for that email.  We are always in need of help and support and it's a great way to get involved on campus and in the community.  I hope you all have a great rest of your semester, it's almost done!

P.S. We still have shirts available for sale at the ARC if you are interested in purchasing.   

-Shreena Chopra DPT'17


Students Inducted into Alpha Chi Honor Society at USciences

Alpha Chi InducteesNearly 45 students at University of the Sciences were inducted into the Kappa Chapter of Alpha Chi national honor society during a special ceremony held on Tuesday, Nov. 3.

“Through involvement in our local chapter and the regional and national levels, Alpha Chi members have the opportunity to develop leadership skills and gain experience in professional activities, such as making scholarly presentations,” said Alison Mostrom, PhD, Alpha Chi advisor and associate professor of biology.

During the ceremony, a select group of 44 inductees were introduced by their faculty advisers or department chairs who highlighted each student’s accomplishments. Alpha Chi is open to the top 10 percent of juniors, seniors and graduate students in all majors except pharmacy and psychology/health psychology. That’s because pharmacy students are eligible for Rho Chi and psychology/health psychology students are eligible for Psi Chi, which are both exclusive international academic societies for their respective disciplines.

Natalie Stella DPT'18, current president of USciences’ Alpha Chi chapter, addressed the students and congratulated them during the ceremony. Family members were also present to share in the dinner and ceremony, and were acknowledged for the support and encouragement that they have provided their children.

Click here to see all photos from the Alpha Chi Induction Ceremony: 11.03.15.


Amanda Meisel, SGA Speaker of the Senate

My name is Amanda Meisel and I am a P1 pharmacy student. I am currently the Speaker of the Senate for SGA, meaning I am in charge of communicating between the executive board and the senators of student government, as well as holding responsibility for running all general assembly meetings.

I loved freshman year at USciences, especially getting to meet all new friends and becoming a part of new organizations. I am sure you all will too!

  SGA_Amanda Meisel


Angela Teberio, SGA Chair of Student Services

Hello! My name is Angela Teberio. I’m from Northeastern Pennsylvania, more specifically, Mountain Top, PA. I’m a third year pharmacy student. In addition to being a part of the Student Government Association, I’m involved in the Student Giving Council (SGC) and work as a Student Ambassador for USciences. In my free time I enjoy traveling, reading, and exploring Philadelphia. I am the Chair of Student Services on the Student Government Association Executive Board. This role entails serving as a liaison between students and executives of Residence Life and the Dining Halls. I listen to students’ opinions, suggestions, and complaints regarding these facilities in an effort to get their voices heard and make improvements. After all, it’s your University, your Voice!

Overall, my freshman year at USciences was both fun and rewarding. The transition to college was challenging at first, but once I found an appropriate balance between schoolwork and social life, it became much easier. Also, professors, advisors, and students, such as Orientation Leaders and Student Ambassadors, were very kind and welcoming to the incoming freshman. Welcome Week, the Student Activities fair, Student Appreciation Day, and a myriad of other events aided in incorporating me into the USciences community during my freshman year. I highly suggest getting involved on campus and exploring the wonderful city of Philadelphia for the ultimate college experience at the University of the Sciences!



Kelly Cuccolo, SGA Chair of Spirit

Hi! I’m Kelly Cuccolo and I’m a fourth year psychology major here at USciences! I currently hold the position of Spirit Chair on the Student Government Association, as well as being the President of the Kinesiology Club. You can usually find me on campus either in Kline Hall working on my research projects or at the ARC where you can stop by and take one of my fitness classes! My position as Spirit Chair is one of the things I’m most excited about for my senior year at USciences. The Spirit Chair is meant to provide a series of fun events that foster a sense of community and spirit among all the students here at USciences! I’ve started planning events for welcome weekend and we always do events around finals to provide some stress relief. The biggest event we run is the USciences Olympics. The USciences Olympics is a series of events that can range from “The Roomie Wed Game” to a food drive to badminton, and is meant to encourage friendly competition as well as allow students to meet new people. The events we run during the school year are a great chance to challenge your friends, have fun and meet new people.

My freshman year at USciences was one of the most memorable years of my life. I met tons of new people and built friendships I know will last forever. College is a big change from high school, and you definitely need to work a lot harder but the friendships and experiences you’ll have are priceless. I got involved in so many clubs and organizations, which I highly recommend because you may find something you’re really passionate about. I also loved getting to explore Philadelphia. Philadelphia is truly an amazing city and has become my home over the past four years; while you have extra time you should definitely try and explore a little bit – find some good hidden coffee shops to study in or good hole in the wall restaurants. During freshman year I really learned how to balance studying and spending time with my friends. A lot of growth happens during freshman year and you learn a lot about yourself and what you want to do during your time here at USciences. I think what I loved most about freshman year though was actually being in the dorms. You get to live across the hall or even in the same room as your best friends – that’s such a unique experience and you should embrace it! 



Mohak Dave, SGA Chair of Multicultural Affairs

My name is Mohak Dave and I am entering into my P2 year at University of the Sciences. I will be representing the students as the Chair of Multicultural Affairs this upcoming school year. I am originally from Secaucus, NJ. Other than SGA you can see me around campus playing with the club soccer team or at the Student Society of Health System Pharmacist (SSHP) meetings where I am a class representative.

The position of the Chair of Multicultural Affairs is a position that advocates the importance of understanding and celebrating all cultures found on our campus. By hosting events throughout the school year and hosting a multicultural week I hope to give the students an opportunity to experience, enjoy, and learn about the several cultures we all come from. Along with that I will try to aid cultural organizations in hosting their own events generally consisting of interesting lectures, lively dances, and vibrant foods for us all to enjoy.

I honestly believe that freshman year is one of the best years any student will have at this school. One thing that several of my friends and I reminisce about is our good times in Goodman Hall. Goodman Hall was the perfect place to meet new people and really find some amazing friends that will hopefully last a lifetime. Furthermore, our school’s tight knit campus made it easy to get involved with clubs and other groups which helped me find my own niche.



Gauri Chauhan, SGA Chair of Safety and Security

My name is Gauri Chauhan, and I am a P2 pharmacy student. I love being connected and socializing with all types of people, so being involved in extracurriculars has always been a big part of my educational career. I have been a member of SGA since my freshman year, serving on the Public Safety Committee. I was elected onto the SGA Executive Board as Chair of Safety and Security for both the 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 school years. I serve as a liaison between the students and the Public Safety Department in order to ensure that everyone on campus feels safe. I also want students to feel comfortable interacting with the Public Safety Officers, so I have a couple fun events coming your way in the fall!

My freshman year was full of new experiences, and I joined as many types of clubs as possible to see what I really liked. I advise all the incoming freshman to be as outgoing and open-minded as possible, you won't regret it! Good luck!



Nick Inverso, SGA Vice President of Finance

My name is Nick Inverso and I’m a fifth year pharmacy student. I have been a member of SGA since my freshman year and I am serving my fourth term as a member of the executive board. I currently serve as the Vice President of Finance. This position requires that I manage and distribute the funding set aside for organizations and student activities.

Some advice I would like to offer: throughout this year, make a promise to yourself to explore what is available and join some activity/organization. It’s fine if it’s something familiar to you, but don’t discount something completely new.  It is quite possible that you will find a lifelong interest and a great deal of satisfaction, all because you took a chance and an active role to get the most from what the college and campus can offer.



Joey Falbo, SGA Vice President of Academic Affairs

Hello! My name is Joey Falbo and I am a P1 Pharmacy Student. I am from Carbondale, PA (in Northeastern Pennsylvania). I sing and play guitar and am a huge fan of music. I love to meet new people and I'm very outgoing. This is my second year on the SGA Executive Board. If you see me on campus, feel free to come say hi! 

This year, my position on the Executive Board is Vice President of Academic Affairs. This position entails working with students, my committee, and faculty/university counterparts in order to provide an efficient academic experience on our campus. I host meetings and surveys to gather opinions/suggestions, and then forward these to University officials, in hopes of making change and progress. Areas that this change is often present in, but not limited to, is our academic calendar (i.e. Finals Week Scheduling), course offerings, study space, and most recently--the Campus Master Plan. I look forward to working on this with you all! 

My freshman year experience was a valuable one. I made a ton of great friends and got acquainted with the new environment of college life. It was different at first, but I enjoyed it and made the best of everything. I learned how to manage my time effectively, all while getting involved on campus and staying up on my studies. I joined Student Government Association as a Senator on the Student Services Committee and knew right away I wanted to take a leadership position with this organization. In the Spring of my freshman year, I joined the Delta Chi fraternity and ran for SGA Executive Board Chair of Student Services. I believe that these were two of the greatest decisions I made and they have greatly and positively influenced me. Not only have I gotten the most out of my college experience, but I also have made some of my best friends and had the greatest of times. If I could offer any advice, I would definitely recommend focusing on your studies, and also involving yourself in various clubs and organizations, such as SGA and Greek Life. College is what you make of it, so start sculpting your masterpiece!



Deep Parikh, SGA Executive Vice President

Hey, my name is Deep Parikh and I am a 5th year pharmacy student here at USciences. I am originally from Iselin, New Jersey. I am a fan of soccer and although I don’t look like it, I’ve been a huge fan of metal, punk, and rock music ever since middle school. My dislikes include people who say they don’t like Game of Thrones. To the rest of the Executive Board (a.k.a. the “Eboard”), I am the weird one of the group, but I am also the most entertaining….well at least I think I am.

Fall 2015 will mark my 3rd year as an Eboard member. This year I will be the Executive Vice President. My position entails three main things:

1. I am the student liaison for the IT Department. I voice any concerns the students may have with the IT department, including computers, printers, WiFi, etc. This past year, I worked with the IT department to bring Campus Quad to our school and it will be fully implemented to our campus this upcoming year.

2. I am in charge of the SGA office where I help organizations get flyers and supplies for their events that they throw. I also hire student workers to work at the SGA office and STC computer labs so if you have work study and would like to work for SGA, please contact me.

3. I help the SGA President with any task that they might not be able to complete for whatever reason.

As someone who came from a small town and conservative family, freshman year was when I got to branch out and do a lot of new things. I was never very social before college so freshman year was when I got to change that. I wasn’t very involved 1st semester but 2nd semester is when that changed. I joined a few clubs related to pharmacy and participated in a lot of on-campus events. I also joined my fraternity, Delta Epsilon Psi. My fraternity brothers were actually the ones who encouraged me to join SGA which I am very thankful for and it also changed my perspective of Greek life in that they were more than just people who party. 



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