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Philadelphia Restaurant Week


January 19th to January 31st was Philadelphia's much loved Restaurant Week!  Numerous restaurants around the city host three-course meals for lunch and dinner at reduced prices.  Some of Center City's most popular restaurants (that a college student may not be able to afford at other times) are available for reservations throughout this two week period.  This Restaurant Week my friends and I ventured over to The Melting Pot.  I love the fondue dinner because that's really different than most restaurants I go to.  It was a great night out and I'm already looking forward to the next opportunity to go to Restaurant Week again!



Winter Break

Now that the semester has come to an end all of the students can head home for our winter break! We are on break until January 10th so have close to a month to celebrate the holidays and catch up with friends. Our final grades get posted on December 18th and then these classes are officially completed. The best part about that is we do not have any projects or homework to complete during break because our Fall grades are closed. We get this time to spend however we want! This is something that was different from high school and it is a difference I love. With finals behind us it's a carefree time to rejuvenate for the Spring semester!


Winter Wonderland Dinner

On Wednesday our dining hall hosted their Annual Winter Wonderland Dinner.  Wilson Dining Hall was decorated with snowflakes, toy soldiers and snowmen to match the theme.  There were servers walking around with a variety of appetizers on trays for you to try.  Each station had different specials like Prime Rib, a Mac & Cheese Bar, and Wings & Things options.  My personal favorite was the Mac & Cheese Bar!  You could pick from different veggies or meat options to enhance your bowl.  The desserts were delicious and very festive.  I had a mug of eggnog and a gingerbread brownie!  And on my way out I received a Coca-Cola Polar Bear!  

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Philly Food

When most people think about food in Philadelphia they automatically think cheesesteaks.  But after living in this city for a few years I have discovered a lot more that this city has to offer!  And as a college student with a limited budget and time the website GrubHub makes ordering food from all over the city simple! You can order anything from pizza to tacos to buffalo wings!  However my FAVORITE delivery food in our area is one that most people are not familiar with.  It's called Insomnia Cookies.  This bakery delivers warm cookies or brownies to your door from 5PM-3AM!  You have your choice of about 10 cookie flavors and the cookies are about 3 inches round!  Getting an order of cookies while watching a new episode of a TV show is a great combination.  


USciences Spirit Day

USciences Student Government Association hosted Spirit Day this Thursday! Students showed their pride by wearing USciences gear and this got them raffle tickets to win an iPad mini, a USciences hoodie and gift cards. Students came out to the quad during 1-3PM to show their spirit. USciences organizations had another chance for their club to win a $50 gift card if the majority of their group showed up to show their pride! Students on the University Spirit Committee handed out pizza and USciences pennants, water bottles, frisbees and footballs to all the students who came out to show their spirit. It may have been a chilly day but that didn't stand in the way of our students showing their USciences pride!


Spirit Week

Classes are back in session and students were welcomed with Spirit Week activities all week hosted by Student Government Association.  This gives first year students an opportunity to come meet new people and returning students a chance to catch up after our long summer break!  This week some of the events include Movie Night: Now You See Me, Scavenger Hunt and Carnival Night with a mechanical bull and dunk tank!  This week there are events Monday-Thursday and one more event Tuesday of next week!  All the events have free stuff like Rita's water ice and prizes for playing the games.  It is a really fun week that gives us a chance to ease back into the hard work that lies ahead!


"Park on the Parkway"

2013-07-30 11.14.10

This summer the Philadelphia Parks & Recreation department has revamped eight acres of space at the base of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway into a "park on the parkway" called The Oval!  This beautiful space looks straight to the famous stairs of the Philadelphia Museum of Art and is a unique outdoor space that is open Tuesday through Sunday 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.!  Each day there is a different programming theme so this week I was there for Wellness Tuesdays.  There are also all different food trucks and outdoor actvities set up so you can really spend awhile chilling out here.  I was blow away by the the colorful space and did not feel like I was in the middle of the city.  This park will only be open until August 18th so I highly recommend anyone in Philadelphia to go check it out!


Food-Truck Trend

While spending the summer in Philadelphia there is a ton to see and do.  But one trend I've notice that is becoming increasingly popular is "high end" food-trucks!  These food-trucks can be found at festivals, parks, and just on the streets during lunch or dinner time.  The food-truck I have found to be my favorite this summer is one that had a menu of all different Mac and Cheese variations!  It was a delcious meal and one item on the menu sounded better than the next.  Most people are only familiar with ice cream trucks but when you come to Philly be prepared to see food-trucks of all kinds!


Sean Kingston Concert

This past Friday Student Government and the Campus Activities Board hosted the B.Smyth & Sean Kingston concert in the Athletic Recreation Center on campus!  Before the event started students had the opportunity to purchase food at a small cost that was donated from various local restaurants like Qdoba, Allegros, Greek lady and more!  All of the proceeds from the food purchases went to The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, as well as the ticket sales and raffle tickets for the meet and greet.  Over 600 tickets were sold for the concert and everyone that attended seemed to enjoy the event!  Our VP of Campus Activities, Courtney Montepara, put a lot of planning and behind the scenes work to make sure this event went off without a hitch.  It was a great night out and I'm glad the campus community could enjoy something fun together!

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Bio Bingo

2013-03-26 20.14.28

The Microbiology Club, AIBS, and Society of Mecial Laboratory Scientists sponsor Biology Bingo once a semester.  Bio Bingo is one of my personal favorite events on campus!  So far I have had the great fortune to win a Giant Microbe plush every semester I've played.  This semester I went with 4 of my friends and all of us won different disease microbes (and one prize was cuter than the next).  I won "Mono" Epstein-Barr Virus in the picture above.  There were cheesesteaks, veggie sandwiches, and soft pretzels to eat while we played our intense games of bingo!  I love that the students here embrace our love for science and incorporate into some of the events available for students to enjoy!

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