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Students Inducted into Alpha Chi Honor Society at USciences

Alpha Chi InducteesNearly 45 students at University of the Sciences were inducted into the Kappa Chapter of Alpha Chi national honor society during a special ceremony held on Tuesday, Nov. 3.

“Through involvement in our local chapter and the regional and national levels, Alpha Chi members have the opportunity to develop leadership skills and gain experience in professional activities, such as making scholarly presentations,” said Alison Mostrom, PhD, Alpha Chi advisor and associate professor of biology.

During the ceremony, a select group of 44 inductees were introduced by their faculty advisers or department chairs who highlighted each student’s accomplishments. Alpha Chi is open to the top 10 percent of juniors, seniors and graduate students in all majors except pharmacy and psychology/health psychology. That’s because pharmacy students are eligible for Rho Chi and psychology/health psychology students are eligible for Psi Chi, which are both exclusive international academic societies for their respective disciplines.

Natalie Stella DPT'18, current president of USciences’ Alpha Chi chapter, addressed the students and congratulated them during the ceremony. Family members were also present to share in the dinner and ceremony, and were acknowledged for the support and encouragement that they have provided their children.

Click here to see all photos from the Alpha Chi Induction Ceremony: 11.03.15.


White Coated ft. Sappy Reflections

This past weekend was the annual White Coat Ceremony for nearly 150 P1 students, including myself. Like many of my classmates, I dreamt of this moment ever since I was a senior in high school and decided to pursue Pharmacy. I was sitting and going through all of the photos that were posted on Facebook, when I realized how much everyone has grown and changed since freshmen year.

Some may think, "But, it's just a white coat. Everyone gets it, what's so special about it?" or "Why do they make such a big deal about getting a white coat?". As a U1 student, I thought it would be 'cool' to wear the white coat, like I saw many of the upperclassmen who roamed around the campus. Honestly, I just wanted the white coat to show off and I guess I never realized the importance until after I received it.

The White Coat Ceremony is supposed to mark our transition from our undergraduate years into our professional years. It is a milestone in our endeavor towards our career, but it also there to remind us that we still have a long way to go and much more to learn- we are only just beginning our journey as professionals. The turning point for me was when I took pictures with my family and friends. It was then when it dawned on me that I am so lucky to have such a great support system and I was more than confident that Pharmacy is the route for me, no matter how hard it gets (or how many tears I shed). It is worth every all-nighter and bad-hair day. Without my friends and class-mates, it would not have been possible to get through the past two years with my sanity in-tact. Even with some of the most stressful days, it was possible to get through the past two years whilst making some wonderful memories. The next 4 years without a doubt will be tough, but we should all know that we have our family, friends, classmates (and God) to support us through this journey!

I would like to congratulate everyone who received their white coats thus far, and those who will be receiving them in the near future. It is a great accomplishment and it is even better when you get to share this moment with your loved ones.


Here are some of the moments I got share with my friends from freshman year:

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2015-03-11 20.25.28-1Over the years one of my favorite events at USciences has been bingo, more specifically Bio Bingo!  When I first started attending this events a few years ago it was hosted by the American Institute of Biological Sciences and Microbiology Club.  Most recently, this bingo was hosted by Student Government Association but no matter who hosts the event, it's always a big hit!  The prizes include GIANT Microbes and I Heart Guts items.  From all my bingo winnings I now have a big collection of these items which include plush lungs and a brain!  These prizes are the perfect fit for our science-focused campus and I hope this event continues for years to come!


Alumni, Student-Athletes Support Each Other On & Off the Field

Alumnigame1This blog post was submitted by Katie Lydic PA'18, a member of the women's softball team.

The USciences Softball team recently hosted our second annual Alumni Game during Family Fall Fest on Saturday, Oct. 18. During the game, we honored our alumni; and my teammates honored my late sister, Josie Lydic, and our family. Less than a year ago on Nov. 18, 2013, Josie was diagnosed with Stage 4 Aveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma. This deadly cancer had spread to her spinal fluid as well as the lining of her brain - and ultimately took her life on Aug. 25.

The team debuted the gold shoelaces in support of Josie and all of those battling pediatric cancer, and both teams wore jersey #23, which was Josie’s softball number. We raised money at the event to donate to Josie’s scholarship fund as well as help fund our spring training trip to Florida.

Alumnigame3As Josie’s sister, I was so honored by the immense amount of support I felt by my USciences softball family. What started off as a difficult first school year last year was made somewhat easier thanks to the love and support of my teammates. Although it was an emotional day for me during the alumni game, it was a great way to honor the memory of my sister and to support my family and me.

I decided that for the rest of my softball career, I would be dedicated and play for my sister. She was a passionate and hard-working individual, and I strive to be more like her every day, especially while playing and sporting No. 23. It is comforting and inspiring to know that my teammates also play in honor and memory of my sister. I am beyond blessed to be here with such an amazing team that is so supportive.

Thank you all who have supported me and my family during this difficult time!

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USciences Teams Up to Support Free Golf Clinic for Blind Children

BlindMembers of University of the Sciences men’s golf team and Kappa Epsilon fraternity gathered to support The Middle Atlantic Blind Golf Association’s free golf clinic at the Overbrook School for the Blind on Oct. 11. Each year, alumnus Norman Kritz P’51 co-hosts this event for blind or visually impaired girls and boys ages 5-21.

“Many of these kids have never participated in sports,” said Kritz, a clinic coordinator. “This affords them an opportunity to get out, play and learn a sport that they can play for the rest of their lives. It also allows their parents a chance to see them mingle with other kids that have the same physical challenges that they have.”

During the clinic, participants were paired with a PGA professional for one-on-one golf instruction. Golf clubs, balls, and golf bags were provided, and participants were given pizza and soft drinks following the session. Prizes were awarded, as well.

Now in its 20th year, this golf clinic is an offshoot of the Middle Atlantic Blind Golf Association’s junior golf program, and aims to further encourage blind or visually impaired children interested in learning to play golf. The Overbrook School for the Blind, located at 63rd and Malvern Ave. in Philadelphia, offers a nine-hole, chip-and-putt style golf course. This organization also connects players with PGA instructors near their residence. Those teachers, in turn, will provide lessons at a nearby golf course. However, transportation to the lessons is not included.

"The students were eager to learn the game of golf, and play the chip and putt course set up for them," said Michael Gallagher, head men's golf coach at USciences. "The students learned the skills of the game as well as a few life lessons in patience."

Last spring, Kritz received an award that recognized his unwavering support for this program. The University’s Kappa Epsilon members have been volunteering at these golf clinics since 2009, and several students, alumni and friends of the University also attend each year to volunteer their time.


You're Invited to USciences' Family Fall Fest on Oct. 18

University of the Sciences encourages parents, families, friends and alumni to attend Family Fall Fest on Saturday, Oct. 18, to help celebrate the 2014-15 academic school year.

This annual festival provides an opportunity for family members to spend time on campus with their student in a fun and relaxed setting, as well as mingle with other University families while learning more about USciences. Family Fall Fest includes a variety of activities including brunch, home athletic events, festival of student organizations and family-friendly entertainment!

Here's a list of events planned for the day:

  • 10-10:45 a.m. | Parent Connection Workshop, Wilson Hall 205
  • 10:30 a.m. to noon | Brunch in Wilson Dining Hall
  • Noon to 1:30 p.m. |   Women's volleyball vs. Concordia College, ARC
                                         Student Organization and College Fair, ARC
  • 1-2:30 p.m. | Samson Museum/Wyeth Exhibit in Griffith Hall
  • 2-4 p.m. | PCA’s S.O.U.L. Arts Festival, STC Atrium


Got Extra Books? 'StEPP up' and Donate Them at USciences

This blog post was written by Priya Panchal PharmD'16. She is a peer mentor for the Student Excellence and Professional Preparation (StEPP) program at USciences.

The Student Excellence and Professional Preparation (StEPP) program is an on-campus organization mentored by a select group of students. Each student is dedicated to mentoring their very own group of first-year undergraduate students as they progress into the professional years of the program. In addition to advising these students, the StEPP Program has been involved in a variety of events to serve Philadelphia. Since the initiation of the StEPP Program, we have coordinated a book drive to donate SAT, ACT and AP exam preparation books to high schools in the city. Antonella Frattarelli PharmD'15, also a StEPP mentor, began the drive three years ago. As she is off on rotations, Chelsea Cunningham PharmD'16 and I have carried on this responsibility.

Recently, we coordinated the donation of preparation books to Parkway West High School in West Philadelphia. We are very appreciative of Tim Dunn, the source of the majority of books that were donated to the school. Tim works for “Books Through Bars”, a bookstorelocated on Baltimore Avenue. This bookstore is all volunteer and nonprofit, as they distribute free books and educational materials to incarcerated people in PA, NJ, NY, MD, DE, VA, and WV. They also offer programs to educate and engage the public to think critically about the issue of imprisonment.

When I drove up to the school, the principal stepped out with eight freshman boys who were excited and willing to carry the boxes of books inside.  The principal was ecstatic when she saw how many boxes there were! She said that the books will be given to the course coordinator of the test prep course at the high school, and the books that are not used will be given to the Student Activity Center affiliated with the school. Before leaving, the principal requested for me to send out the contact information of those who were involved in the drive so that she could have the students practice their writing skills by writing thank you letters.

Overall, the drive was a tremendous success, as we donated 60+ books to the school! StEPP is continuing to collect books throughout the year, so if anyone has books they are no longer using, please send them our way!!!


Winter Break

Now that the semester has come to an end all of the students can head home for our winter break! We are on break until January 10th so have close to a month to celebrate the holidays and catch up with friends. Our final grades get posted on December 18th and then these classes are officially completed. The best part about that is we do not have any projects or homework to complete during break because our Fall grades are closed. We get this time to spend however we want! This is something that was different from high school and it is a difference I love. With finals behind us it's a carefree time to rejuvenate for the Spring semester!


A Little R&R Time

Every student uses their Spring Break for different things such as travel, work, or school assignments.  For me, Spring Break is usually a time for some "R&R", Rest & Relaxation.  The weeks at school fly by because I'm constantly doing school work or involved in a campus activity so when I come home for Spring Break I look forward to some down time.  I made plans with friends to do some local activities but I enjoyed my mornings where I could sleep in and take my time getting my day started.  This week off gave me some time to rejuvenate for the next exciting half of the semester.  After Spring Break there's so much to look forward to so I know these last weeks of school will fly by!!


Welcome 2013!

I hope everyone has had a happy & healthy start to 2013!  With the holiday season behind us, slowly reality starts to creep back up on us.  But before it's time to head back to school I choose to spend my time off catching up with family and friends!  During the semester everyone is busy with school and work so I use my break to make plans with everyone I've been meaning to catch up with.  Fortunately over the holidays I received enough Starbucks gift cards to treat myself to my favorite Peppermint Mocha Latte while exchanging stories with friends.  Another thing I try to do during break is see a lot of movies that have been nominated for Golden Globes or have some Oscar buzz!  I really like to watch all the shows during award season so I find it's more fun if you've actually seen the movies nominated.  While I'm home for another week I'll use my time wisely because before I know it I will be back at school for another semester!
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