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Got Extra Books? 'StEPP up' and Donate Them at USciences

This blog post was written by Priya Panchal PharmD'16. She is a peer mentor for the Student Excellence and Professional Preparation (StEPP) program at USciences.

The Student Excellence and Professional Preparation (StEPP) program is an on-campus organization mentored by a select group of students. Each student is dedicated to mentoring their very own group of first-year undergraduate students as they progress into the professional years of the program. In addition to advising these students, the StEPP Program has been involved in a variety of events to serve Philadelphia. Since the initiation of the StEPP Program, we have coordinated a book drive to donate SAT, ACT and AP exam preparation books to high schools in the city. Antonella Frattarelli PharmD'15, also a StEPP mentor, began the drive three years ago. As she is off on rotations, Chelsea Cunningham PharmD'16 and I have carried on this responsibility.

Recently, we coordinated the donation of preparation books to Parkway West High School in West Philadelphia. We are very appreciative of Tim Dunn, the source of the majority of books that were donated to the school. Tim works for “Books Through Bars”, a bookstorelocated on Baltimore Avenue. This bookstore is all volunteer and nonprofit, as they distribute free books and educational materials to incarcerated people in PA, NJ, NY, MD, DE, VA, and WV. They also offer programs to educate and engage the public to think critically about the issue of imprisonment.

When I drove up to the school, the principal stepped out with eight freshman boys who were excited and willing to carry the boxes of books inside.  The principal was ecstatic when she saw how many boxes there were! She said that the books will be given to the course coordinator of the test prep course at the high school, and the books that are not used will be given to the Student Activity Center affiliated with the school. Before leaving, the principal requested for me to send out the contact information of those who were involved in the drive so that she could have the students practice their writing skills by writing thank you letters.

Overall, the drive was a tremendous success, as we donated 60+ books to the school! StEPP is continuing to collect books throughout the year, so if anyone has books they are no longer using, please send them our way!!!


Pumpkin Painting

2013-10-24 17.00.19

Today AIBS (American Institute of Biological Sciences) and Microbiology Club hosted a pumpkin painting event in the Quad.  This event was open to the whole campus and was free so a lot of students stopped by to show their artistic abilities and decorate their pumpkin!  As you can see my friend and I went to the mini pumpkin patch and painted twin Despicable Me minion pumpkins.  It was such a fun event and they had a ton of supplies so students could be as creative as they wanted.  We munched on Halloween Candy while we waited for our paint to dry but since it was outside the wind was like a natural paint dryer.  The best part was you could take your pumpkin home!  Now I am officially in the Halloween spirit!


USciences’ Got Talent Returns Tonight

TALENTTonight, the 4th Annual USciences’ Got Talent will take place in the Athletic/Recreation Center’s (ARC) gym from 7-10 p.m. The event will give USciences students a chance to show their friends and classmates their talents for the chance to win one of three cash prizes, while also raising money for a worthy cause. 

“I love USciences' Got Talent because it allows students, faculty, and staff to show that there's more to our school than just science,” said Danielle Hoguet PT’16, chair of the event. “We have really creative and talented people, and it's refreshing to take a break for a night to showcase that.”

USciences’ Got Talent was first organized by Melissa Fontana PharmD’13, and Peter LaRocoo PharmD’13 in 2010. More than $700 was raised to support the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, 150 student attended the event, and iNERT!A took home the prize money.

Since then, the event has become more successful each year. More than $1,400 was raised to benefit SCINetUSA in 2011, and $1,000 was raised for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in 2012. This year, the event is raising money for Go 4 the Goal, a nonprofit organization that helps kids with cancer live normal lives and reach their goals. The admission is $5 at the door and $10 for those who want to perform. Those proceeds will be donated to Go 4the Goal.

Students who want more information about the event can contact Danielle at dhoguet@mail.usciences.edu.


"Park on the Parkway"

2013-07-30 11.14.10

This summer the Philadelphia Parks & Recreation department has revamped eight acres of space at the base of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway into a "park on the parkway" called The Oval!  This beautiful space looks straight to the famous stairs of the Philadelphia Museum of Art and is a unique outdoor space that is open Tuesday through Sunday 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.!  Each day there is a different programming theme so this week I was there for Wellness Tuesdays.  There are also all different food trucks and outdoor actvities set up so you can really spend awhile chilling out here.  I was blow away by the the colorful space and did not feel like I was in the middle of the city.  This park will only be open until August 18th so I highly recommend anyone in Philadelphia to go check it out!


The Upcoming Honors Colloquium

Having danced classical ballet for so many years of my life, it was hard to contain my excitement when I heard that Pennsylvania Ballet’s Riolama Lorenzo will be visiting USciences. What an opportunity for her and students both! Classical ballet has such a diverse perception in the public eye that there couldn’t be any better chance to let students in on such an unfamiliar world. And how do we let her into ours? Well, Riolama has walked in our shoes once before; she earned her degree in Health Science right here at USciences. Do you remember when you took General Chemistry, Intellectual Heritage, or even Sociology?  She does, too!  She will be featured at this year’s Honors Colloquium on April 5.  Come on out and explore ballet with Ms. Lorenzo as your guide.

Finally, speaking of Honors, if you are interested in becoming a member of the Honors Program, apply now. (According to the deadline there's only a few hours left to do so!) Click here to read all about the Honors Program and its benefits to you.

This weekend, the Pennsylvania Ballet is performing their final three showings of "Pushing Boundaries" for this season. I am just dying to see one of the performances!  You should try to go, too.  Click here for details!

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