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White Coated ft. Sappy Reflections

This past weekend was the annual White Coat Ceremony for nearly 150 P1 students, including myself. Like many of my classmates, I dreamt of this moment ever since I was a senior in high school and decided to pursue Pharmacy. I was sitting and going through all of the photos that were posted on Facebook, when I realized how much everyone has grown and changed since freshmen year.

Some may think, "But, it's just a white coat. Everyone gets it, what's so special about it?" or "Why do they make such a big deal about getting a white coat?". As a U1 student, I thought it would be 'cool' to wear the white coat, like I saw many of the upperclassmen who roamed around the campus. Honestly, I just wanted the white coat to show off and I guess I never realized the importance until after I received it.

The White Coat Ceremony is supposed to mark our transition from our undergraduate years into our professional years. It is a milestone in our endeavor towards our career, but it also there to remind us that we still have a long way to go and much more to learn- we are only just beginning our journey as professionals. The turning point for me was when I took pictures with my family and friends. It was then when it dawned on me that I am so lucky to have such a great support system and I was more than confident that Pharmacy is the route for me, no matter how hard it gets (or how many tears I shed). It is worth every all-nighter and bad-hair day. Without my friends and class-mates, it would not have been possible to get through the past two years with my sanity in-tact. Even with some of the most stressful days, it was possible to get through the past two years whilst making some wonderful memories. The next 4 years without a doubt will be tough, but we should all know that we have our family, friends, classmates (and God) to support us through this journey!

I would like to congratulate everyone who received their white coats thus far, and those who will be receiving them in the near future. It is a great accomplishment and it is even better when you get to share this moment with your loved ones.


Here are some of the moments I got share with my friends from freshman year:

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