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8 posts from July 2015


Gauri Chauhan, SGA Chair of Safety and Security

My name is Gauri Chauhan, and I am a P2 pharmacy student. I love being connected and socializing with all types of people, so being involved in extracurriculars has always been a big part of my educational career. I have been a member of SGA since my freshman year, serving on the Public Safety Committee. I was elected onto the SGA Executive Board as Chair of Safety and Security for both the 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 school years. I serve as a liaison between the students and the Public Safety Department in order to ensure that everyone on campus feels safe. I also want students to feel comfortable interacting with the Public Safety Officers, so I have a couple fun events coming your way in the fall!

My freshman year was full of new experiences, and I joined as many types of clubs as possible to see what I really liked. I advise all the incoming freshman to be as outgoing and open-minded as possible, you won't regret it! Good luck!



Nick Inverso, SGA Vice President of Finance

My name is Nick Inverso and I’m a fifth year pharmacy student. I have been a member of SGA since my freshman year and I am serving my fourth term as a member of the executive board. I currently serve as the Vice President of Finance. This position requires that I manage and distribute the funding set aside for organizations and student activities.

Some advice I would like to offer: throughout this year, make a promise to yourself to explore what is available and join some activity/organization. It’s fine if it’s something familiar to you, but don’t discount something completely new.  It is quite possible that you will find a lifelong interest and a great deal of satisfaction, all because you took a chance and an active role to get the most from what the college and campus can offer.



Joey Falbo, SGA Vice President of Academic Affairs

Hello! My name is Joey Falbo and I am a P1 Pharmacy Student. I am from Carbondale, PA (in Northeastern Pennsylvania). I sing and play guitar and am a huge fan of music. I love to meet new people and I'm very outgoing. This is my second year on the SGA Executive Board. If you see me on campus, feel free to come say hi! 

This year, my position on the Executive Board is Vice President of Academic Affairs. This position entails working with students, my committee, and faculty/university counterparts in order to provide an efficient academic experience on our campus. I host meetings and surveys to gather opinions/suggestions, and then forward these to University officials, in hopes of making change and progress. Areas that this change is often present in, but not limited to, is our academic calendar (i.e. Finals Week Scheduling), course offerings, study space, and most recently--the Campus Master Plan. I look forward to working on this with you all! 

My freshman year experience was a valuable one. I made a ton of great friends and got acquainted with the new environment of college life. It was different at first, but I enjoyed it and made the best of everything. I learned how to manage my time effectively, all while getting involved on campus and staying up on my studies. I joined Student Government Association as a Senator on the Student Services Committee and knew right away I wanted to take a leadership position with this organization. In the Spring of my freshman year, I joined the Delta Chi fraternity and ran for SGA Executive Board Chair of Student Services. I believe that these were two of the greatest decisions I made and they have greatly and positively influenced me. Not only have I gotten the most out of my college experience, but I also have made some of my best friends and had the greatest of times. If I could offer any advice, I would definitely recommend focusing on your studies, and also involving yourself in various clubs and organizations, such as SGA and Greek Life. College is what you make of it, so start sculpting your masterpiece!



Deep Parikh, SGA Executive Vice President

Hey, my name is Deep Parikh and I am a 5th year pharmacy student here at USciences. I am originally from Iselin, New Jersey. I am a fan of soccer and although I don’t look like it, I’ve been a huge fan of metal, punk, and rock music ever since middle school. My dislikes include people who say they don’t like Game of Thrones. To the rest of the Executive Board (a.k.a. the “Eboard”), I am the weird one of the group, but I am also the most entertaining….well at least I think I am.

Fall 2015 will mark my 3rd year as an Eboard member. This year I will be the Executive Vice President. My position entails three main things:

1. I am the student liaison for the IT Department. I voice any concerns the students may have with the IT department, including computers, printers, WiFi, etc. This past year, I worked with the IT department to bring Campus Quad to our school and it will be fully implemented to our campus this upcoming year.

2. I am in charge of the SGA office where I help organizations get flyers and supplies for their events that they throw. I also hire student workers to work at the SGA office and STC computer labs so if you have work study and would like to work for SGA, please contact me.

3. I help the SGA President with any task that they might not be able to complete for whatever reason.

As someone who came from a small town and conservative family, freshman year was when I got to branch out and do a lot of new things. I was never very social before college so freshman year was when I got to change that. I wasn’t very involved 1st semester but 2nd semester is when that changed. I joined a few clubs related to pharmacy and participated in a lot of on-campus events. I also joined my fraternity, Delta Epsilon Psi. My fraternity brothers were actually the ones who encouraged me to join SGA which I am very thankful for and it also changed my perspective of Greek life in that they were more than just people who party. 




Taylor Jones, SGA Vice President of Student Affairs

Hi everyone! My name is Taylor Jones. I am a P3 pharmacy student from South Jersey. This is my forth year with the Student Government Association. I have served in a number of different positions on the Executive Board, so I am very experienced in this area and have enjoyed my time as well. This year, I will be serving as your Vice President of Student Affairs. In a nutshell, I oversee three committee positions on the board: the Multicultural, Public Safety, and Student Services committees. Together we work to improve campus life for all students and convey student wants and needs with the University administration.


It feels like yesterday I graduated from high school and was preparing to enter University of the Sciences. Over the course of my freshman year, the most amazing part was meeting new people. Every corner you turn and each classroom you enter allow multiple opportunities to strike a conversation and meet wonderful people. I truly wish I could re-live those moments, because there are only so many occasions in life when you get a fresh start like this one.  While the semesters were challenging and forced you to find the ultimate balance of maintaining a social life while making decent grades, you truly only have one freshman year of college. Make it count! 



Ally Cerino, SGA Vice President of Campus Activities Board

My name is Ally Cerino and I hold the position of Vice President of Campus Activities Board. I am a second year Doctor of Pharmacy student from Ridley, Pennsylvania. I was a dancer for 15 years of my life and I love shopping.

This year I am excited to be planning events for campus as Vice President of Campus Activities. This position is very creative and fun. I am responsible for planning and executing major events hosted by Student Government Association. A popular event for students is Student Appreciation day in April. This day celebrates all the hard work students have put in throughout the year. Other big events are Casino Night, Movie Nights in the Quad, and more exciting events to come. There is free food and prizes to win at some of these events as well. I encourage all of you to come out to at least one event! Welcome Week will be filled with a lot of events, such as a movie night, trivia night, Mr. Softee in the Quad, and a hypnotist. On Wednesday, September 9th at 6:30 pm there will be an organizational fair in the quad. All of the organizations on campus will be there, and it is your first opportunity to get involved on campus! SGA is always looking for more friendly faces, and if you are interested I hope you consider Campus Activities Board Committee. I am always open to new ideas and ways for students to have fun.

About a year ago I stood in your shoes with excitement and nervousness. After the year was over I knew that I had made the right decision by choosing USciences. I made amazing friends, whom I was almost inseparable from. I lived in Goodman Hall for freshman year and it gave me the opportunity to become close with so many people. The Resident Advisors made Goodman feel like home and there was always something for me to do. I met my roommate at an accepted student day and now she is one of my best friends. Connections and relationships at USciences make the college experience meaningful and exciting.  Since we all go to a science school, academics are a huge part of our lives. You will always find a student studying somewhere on campus or hear someone talking about a big exam coming up. I never felt alone when trying to study or stay on top of my schoolwork because there were other classmates right by my side. Everyone had exams at the same time, which meant everyone studied together. I loved that we could all work together and look to each other for a helping hand to succeed. Throughout the year I learned the importance of time management and studying. I know people have said it a million times, but it is because it is true; time management is the key to success. Although school is important, do not let studying become your life. I explored more of Philadelphia in one year living in the city than I did living twenty minutes away for 18 years. I encourage all of you to venture off campus and utilize everything the city of Brotherly Love has to offer. There are plenty of delicious places to eat and fun places to hang out. I learned that the key to succeeding at USciences is to balance your schoolwork with activities you enjoy. I became an SGA senator and I was on the campus activities board committee for my first year.

The best piece of advice that I can give you is to enjoy freshman year, because you will not experience another year like this one. Freshman year is truly unique. Hope you all have an amazing first year!

If anyone has any questions feel free to email me at acerino@mail.usciences.edu



Gianna Iantosca, SGA Chair of Public Relations

My name is Gianna Iantosca and I’m a second year Doctor of Pharmacy student (U2) at University of the Sciences. I am from Manalapan, New Jersey. At the end of the last academic year, I became Chair of Public Relations on the Student Government Executive Board and I am also a Student Ambassador (tour guide) for the University.

I am pleased and excited to take on the position of Chair of Public Relations. This position can most easily be described as the marketing director on the Student Government Executive Board. As events are being planned by other board members and senators, I have the job of promoting the events, through flyers and other creative ways. Also, I maintain most of the Student Government social media accounts and the small bulletin board between the library and Wilson Hall.  The gifts all the freshmen receive at Welcome Week were assembled by a few of the board members, including me.  I highly recommend incoming freshmen to look into SGA; and if you have a creative mind, definitely look into the Public Relations Committee!

Being a freshman just last year, I can easily recall all of the very fond memories I made. After completing my first year, when I look back on everything, I can truly say I never once regretted choosing USciences. Attending a small school personally made my transition from high school to college so much easier. I never encountered the issue of not having a friend by my side. Because a majority of the freshmen live in the same dorm building, it is so much easier to build quick bonds with everyone. Eventually, you can walk around campus and know a large majority of the people you pass. Being able to see so many familiar faces and getting so close to so many people allow USciences to truly feel like home. As for the academic aspect, USciences was definitely a wonderful pick for me for many reasons. Not only do I enjoy the relatively smaller class sizes, but also the professors begin to know each student on a more personal level because of this. I also love how everyone has the same mindset and is on the same track as you. Everyone has a Chemistry exam or Biology exam, if not the same day, the same week, which helps you to study and do work with your friends and classmates. Everyone strives to do well here so although you have time to have your fun, most people understand and agree with managing your time well to successfully accomplish all of your work. Overall, I could not have imagined a better freshman year experience. Going into college scared as can be and sad leaving high school, I never imagined myself crying after second semester having to leave my new friends I had made when leaving for the summer. All of the upperclassmen always told me to cherish freshman year and that is something I will now definitely tell all of the new classes I encounter. Freshman year is a time like no other – cherish and enjoy it!

Be sure to follow us on social media! Also, be on the lookout for our (hopefully) upcoming app, CampusQuad!



Irina Katz, SGA President

Hello, my name is Irina Katz, and I am going into my P2 year of the Pharmacy program. In the upcoming year, I will be the President of the Student Government Association. As president, my job is basically to oversee what the rest of my board is doing, and be there to help them in any given situation. I act as a liaison between the students and the University officials. I am the voice of the students, and I try to make sure that our side of the story is always heard and taken into account.

Aside from that, I am heavily involved in the Ambassador, StEPP, and IPE programs. Furthermore, I am a Service Attendant in Wilson Hall, after resigning my position of Assistant Service Manager of Osol Hall last year.

As a first year student, I tried my best to get out there and get involved. As hard as it is to tell now, in high school, I didn’t participate in anything and kept to myself. Here, I tried to come out of my comfort zone and meet new people. My main advice to all of you would be to not let your “high school self” define who you become, and don’t let your perceptions of stereotypes stop you from exploring something new. Coming in, I was convinced that Greek Life is the worst thing that could happen to a college campus, and here I am going into my 4th year of college and at the same time my first semester as a proud member of a Co-Ed Fraternity, Omega Chi Psi.

Keep in mind that we have many opportunities on this campus to get involved. These opportunities start as early as now. Reach out to your advisors, admissions counselors, mentors, orientation leaders, upper classmen friends, or even the school website. Explore the 80+ organizations we have on campus and don’t forget to attend Welcome Weekend events. We have many activities planned. From comedians to ice cream trucks, from magicians to movies, from hypnotists to mechanical bulls – everything SGA does is for you. So, take advantage of the opportunities available, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to for event updates.

Don’t be shy; you are not the only one who is new. If you have any questions throughout the summer or the school year, please feel free to contact either SGA or me, directly. Our office is on the 2nd floor of Wilson Hall in room 218 and we are here to help. Enjoy the rest of your summer, and I look forward to greeting all of you and your families during move-in.


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