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This T-Shirt Is a Lie!

My Sad Attempt

Okay so this isn't what the t-shirt looks like but I couldn't find a picture. Believe me, I tried. I ran around the campus searching bulletin boards but to could not, so I attempted to recreate it with a t-shirt generator. You see why I didn't choose a career in fashion. Anyways the point of my sad recreation of the t-shirt is its statement that USciences football is undefeated since 1821. This a lie. Yes, a lie. Many people believe that because we don't currently have a football team, we never did. Most people are wrong. Soak in the beauty of the 1901 Philadelphia College of Pharmacy (PCP) football team:

PCP Football 1901

Look! They exist! And how was our team? Well, it depends on what year you look at. Like most teams, we had highs and lows. Our 1900 team "held up their honor" according to the yearbook posting a 5-1-1 record that year despite limited practice. I would qualify this as a high.  According to alumni, in one undefeated season we didn't allow a single point but old yearbooks are not easily accessible so I have yet to find record of it. Regarding this, it should be noted football was much different before WWI than it is today. The forward pass only became legal in 1906 and that was because 18 people died playing football in 1905. Points were harder to come by, but this still would have been an impressive feat. Perhaps our lowest moment came in 1912 when this was written of the team in the yearbook: "It is impossible to have a picture of the team in this issue due either to the don’t care feeling which has existed throughout the season or because they are ashamed to have it known that they were members of the team."  Ouch. So when was our last loss? I haven't seen all the yearbooks so I can't say this definitively. As far as I can gather our last loss was in 1912, but I am still researching.  Adjust your t-shirts accordingly. I'd use duct tape.

**This is meant to be humorous. If anyone who made the t-shirts were offended I apologize.**


Congrats to all 2015 Student Leadership Award Recipients

The Division of Student Affairs and Student Government Association at University of the Sciences recognized outstanding students, advisors and organizations at the Student Leadership Awards Program on Thursday, April 16.

"Each year, these awards recognize University community members that have been a part of outstanding events and activities throughout the year," said Susanne Ferrin, director of student life at USciences.

The Leadership Awards recognize individuals who represent the following departments: Academic Advising, Athletics, Athletic/Recreation Center, Career Services, Fraternity and Sorority Life, Leadership, Residence Life, and the Student Government Association. 

Congrats to the following 2015 award recipients:

Emerging Leader of the Year
Bilal Ahmed Khan BioSci’17

Synergy Award
Priyanka Kelshikar PharmD’16 – USciences Olympics

Student Leader of the Year
Taylor Jones PharmD’17

Diversity Program of the Year
Dynamics of Diversity Forum (BSU)

Student Organization of the Year
Graduate Student Organization

Outstanding Advisor of the Year
Scott Greene, RPh, MS, professor of clinical pharmacy

Martin Luther King, Jr. Award
Cameron Golden PharmD’18

Dean’s Award
Amanda Mastrogiovanni PharmD’16








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