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"It's Always Yummy in Philadelphia"

For all of us college students out there who hardly ever have two pennies to rub together, there comes a time ever year that has us all overly excited…and that’s Restaurant Week! For two weeks, once every fall and spring semester, over 130 restaurants offer three course meals for the fairly low price of $35. We’re not talking about the mediocre food that you may have encountered in your high school cafeteria; no these are five star, gourmet restaurants with delicious and delectable menu options that never fail to satisfy. My friends and I usually use this opportunity to try out new restaurants in the city and possibly indulge in foods that we normally would not. For example, this year we decided to go to a Latin American and Mediterranean restaurant called “Valanni” in Center City. While there we spoiled ourselves with lobster mac & cheese, scallops, seafood paella, spicy chicken empanadas and so much more. And if that doesn’t do it for you, we also enjoyed Oreo beignets, milk chocolate mousse and homemade banana pudding for desert. I don’t know about you, but walking out of a restaurant with a full stomach and a fuller wallet sounds like a successful night if you ask me. So next semester, when you finally get sick of filling up on greasy pizza and eating your meals out of Chinese food boxes, grab your friends and head out to your favorite restaurant for Restaurant Week. Make it an adventure…try something new, enhance your food pallet and most importantly just have fun with it.  



USciences Olympics

Every year USciences Student Government Association hosts our own Olympic games.  This gives all student groups on campus an opportunity to participate in over 15 events to earn money for their organization.  Examples of some of the events are soccer, ping-pong, academic challenge, scavenger hunt and family feud.  My favorite event so far has been Family Feud.  I am a big fan of the TV show so I was excited to participate in this event.  During Student Government's general assembly meeting over 100 students filled out a survey with various questions that would serve as the answers for Family Feud.  So just like in the show, the Olympic Coordinator said, "over 100 students were polled, and we have the top 5 answers on the board".  Some of the questions were, what is students favorite places to visit in Philadelphia, what will be students first purchase after graduation, and favorite place to eat on campus.  I had a lot of fun at that event and was ahead of the curve since I knew how the game worked since I watched the show.  I think the USciences Olympics are a great opportunity for students to interact with other organizations on campus and have fun!


Super Bowl Summary

So another year, and another Super Bowl champion.  I like to issue my congratulations to Missy Eliot for winning the MVP of the Super Bowl. Have fun in Disney World.  What? She didn't win? Well then who did? Oh I know...


Alright, alright he didn't win. No wonder he looks so sad.  It's hard to believe that was supposed Katy Perry's halftime show.  Congratulations to the Patriots on the victory.  Now what you're going to talk about depends on what you focus.  Some focused on the halftime show and now want a mechanical lion or whatever it is.  Others switched over to FX and watched part of How to Train Your Dragon instead of the halftime show. By some, I mean probably just me. 

Others will focus on the commercials.  Highlights (that I saw) included an unusually depressing nationwide commercial, a Chevy commercial inviting you to go into your truck and watch the game in it (because it has wifi and apparently your house does not), and the "Like a Girl" commercial from Always which I though was pretty awesome. The most notable commercial, to me anyways, was a Toyota commercial featuring a snowboarder named Amy Purder. For my exercise minor program, I am taking a special topics course on disability and we had studied her that week.  Obviously my professor planned all of this and secretly makes commercials.

Then there are the people who focused on the actual football.  This seems to be a shrinking population, but all of us would love to know why you throw the ball inside the one yard line instead of handing it off to the number one back in the NFL.  My take is a little different. I certainly don't place all of the blame on Pete Carrol.  Sure he had some say, but the offensive coordinator made the call and Russell Wilson threw the pass.  Make no mistake, Malcom Butler made a phenomenal play after being beat by the flukiest catch since David Tyree's helmet catch (against the Patriots also in Arizona).  The odds are that the pass would be incomplete, but why would you want to take the chance. Overall the game was great, by far more enjoyable that last year.

Now talking about the football likely made some you people react like this cat (bonus point if you know what commercial the cat is from):


But you still watched the game. Why? Because to some people it's about commercials. To others it's about dancing sharks that remind me of the Amanda show at halftime.  This is why the Super Bowl is so successful. It offers entertainment to people who aren't even interested in football.  That's why the day after the Super Bowl probably should be a holiday.  Just saying.

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