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Madness! AHHHH!!!


So it's March and there's much madness. The first round is over and brackets everywhere are being rushed to the ICU. Warren Buffet had offered $1 billion to anyone who could have a perfect bracket, but according to ESPN none of those exist. We only just finished the first round. But don't feel bad because it is extremely unlikely you could make a perfect bracket. According to ESPN, there aree 9,223,372,036,854,775,808 possible outcomes. In words, that's 9.2 quintillion. There's 6 commas there. No that's not a typo.

This means the odds of you picking the perfect bracket is 1.084x10-21 %. It's very likely that Warren Buffet can do this for the rest of his life and will be able to hold on to his billion dollars.

That being said, brackets are still fun. I'm 21-11 so far. All things considered, that isn't that bad. My elite eight is still intact, so I'm not too upset. Who do I have winning it? Nova nation.


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