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Education Week: The “College Bound” blog

“College Bound” blog carried a post regarding USciences 2011 Harris Interactive Survey and quotes Provost, Dr. Russell DiGate.

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Not wanted: Science jobs

The health-care sector is expected to grow in coming years, but many teens say they aren't interested. University of the Sciences provost Russell DiGate, a molecular biologist, said the race to put an astronaut on the moon captured his imagination.



Relief from physician shortage coming soon?

"It is essential that the sciences remain top of mind for America's teenagers," said Russell J. DiGate, PhD, provost at University of the Sciences.

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Health News Digest: Careers in Healthcare and Science? "Not Interested" Say Half of US Teens

Solid grounding in science is widely considered to be crucial for the next generation of American leaders. From biochemists and pharmacists to physician assistants and physical therapists, the future of the United States job market lies in the fields of healthcare and science. Yet, for the second consecutive year, an online survey conducted by Harris Interactive for University of the Sciences shows that half (49 percent) of all high school-aged students are not interested in pursuing these careers.

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