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Quartz at Work: Thinking of your work self as separate from your home self could lead to unethical decisions

Research conducted at USciences by Allyson Light, PhD, assistant professor of psychology, with Maferima Touré-Tillery, an assistant professor of marketing at the Kellogg School, was cited in a recent article by Quartz at Work which was first published in Kellog Insight, the magazine of Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University


Philanthropy News Digest: Kaufman Foundation Grants

The Charles E. Kaufman Foundation, a supporting organization of the Pittsburgh Foundation, has announced ten scientific research grants totaling $1.9 million in support of research, the Philanthropy News Digest reported. The foundation also announced the launch of an Integrated Research-Education Grant program to support a research process that places undergraduate students alongside innovative scientists engaged in basic research in Pennsylvania and a $100,000 grant to USciences. USciences grant recipients included Roberto Ramos and Maggie Pearce.


STAT: It’s time to measure addiction recovery rates, not just addiction rates

Robert Ashford, a USciences PhD student, and his co-authored in an opinion article for STAT News about the need for more research and measurement of addiction recovery rates. 
"In the midst of a serious addiction crisis, in which 72,000 people died from overdoses in 2017, it can be easy to forget that recovery is not only possible but is the reality for nearly 10 percent of U.S. adults. Losing sight of that can skew public policy and funding priorities to narrowly focus on preventing deaths instead of aiming more broadly to both reduce unnecessary deaths and promote long-term wellness among the 20 million Americans who have a substance use disorder — barely 4 million of whom receive treatment"


Celebrity Physicist: How the Press Sensationalized Einstein’s Search for a Unified Field Theory

Dr. Paul Halpern authored an article for Physics in Perspective about how the press sensationalized Einstein’s search for a unified field theory.   
“As we will see, driven by commercial incentives, the press has maintained its own notion of what is a revolution, or at least a major breakthrough, and therefore newsworthy. In the case of Albert Einstein—who starting in the 1920s became a familiar household name—practically anything he said or did publicly drew press attention.”   
The article and Halpern himself were heavily quoted in a recent article for Quartz Media.


Dover Post: Wesley College’s Gibbs co-authors article

Along with Varleisha Gibbs, Wesley College Chair and Director of Graduate Programs in Occupational Therapy, USciences’ Lora Packel, Cathy Poon and Diana E. Hardley co-authored an article published in Health and Interprofessional Practice on Jan. 23, The Dover Post reported.


Brewing Magazine: A Surprise in the Yeast

Matthew Farber, director of the Brewing Science Program, has discovered a novel strain of yeast that not only ferments beer, but also produces lactic acid, something necessary to create a sour beer in less time.Beer and Brewing Magazine’s John Holl reported on the finding and came to campus to taste the beer and interview Farber.


Spectrum News: Study zeroes in on key part of DNA deletion linked to autism

Ashley de Marchena, PhD, assistant professor of psychology at USciences, co-authored a study that was featured in an article “Study zeroes in on key part of DNA deletion linked to autism” in Spectrum News.  


CBS3: Should Cursive Be Mandatory In Schools?

Dr. Ashley B. de Marchena, assistant professor of psychology, was mentioned in a CBS3 story by Nicole Brewer about the importance of penmanship education in schools as an expert in neuroscience. Dr. de Marchena provided information to Brewer about the importance of writing by hand to the development of fine motor skills.


KYW Newsradio: ‘Research Day’ Showcases Student Projects For Medical Treatments, Cures

Zein Al-Atrache PhD’17, who is part of the dual degree program with Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, was featured by KYW Newsradio’s Steve Tawa in a story about PCOM’s Research Day. Al-Atrache’s research focuses on the origins of Alzheimer’s Disease. The story also aired.


WHYY: Studies find those with HIV at higher risk of becoming homeless

USciences Dr. Stephen Metraux was interviewed in a WHYY story about the correlation between HIV and homelessness.

"There have been studies in city after city that say that stable housing is more predictive or as predictive as being on medication in determining your health outcomes will be," he said, 

Homelessness is the tip of the iceberg of a bigger problem for Metraux. 

"There's kind of a larger group that is either on the verge of becoming homeless or just not adequately housed, either doubling up with others, or in substandard housing, or paying way more rent than they can afford."


Hear the full story on WHYY.