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Celebrity Physicist: How the Press Sensationalized Einstein’s Search for a Unified Field Theory

Dr. Paul Halpern authored an article for Physics in Perspective about how the press sensationalized Einstein’s search for a unified field theory.   
“As we will see, driven by commercial incentives, the press has maintained its own notion of what is a revolution, or at least a major breakthrough, and therefore newsworthy. In the case of Albert Einstein—who starting in the 1920s became a familiar household name—practically anything he said or did publicly drew press attention.”   
The article and Halpern himself were heavily quoted in a recent article for Quartz Media.


C-SPAN: The Quantum Labyrinth Physicist Paul Halpern explored the relationship between Richard Feynman and John Wheeler

Paul Halpern PhD, spoke at the Smithsonian about his new book “The Quantum Labyrinth.” The talk was broadcast on C-Span on Sunday.


Paul Halpern's Book Reviewed in The Wall Street Journal

Andrew Crumey reviewed Dr. Paul Halpern’s latest The Quantum Labyrinth for the Wall Street Journal.


Paul Halpern Pens Article for NPR

Dr. Paul Halpern penned an article about speculative alternative histories and the physicists who developed theories on the concept of parallel universes including John Wheeler and Richard Feynman, the subjects of his latest book. The article was published on NPR.org and across several affiliate sites.   


Philadelphia Inquirer: The long road to the 2017 Nobel Prize in physics

Physics Professor Paul Halpern, PhD, penned a commentary for the Philadelphia Inquirer about the long road that Kip Thorne, Barry Barish and Rainer Weiss took to their 2017 Nobel Prize and how that intersects with the work of John Wheeler, one of the subjects of Dr. Halpern’s new book.  


6ABC: Miss USA Inspires USciences Girls Physics Campers

Miss USA Kára McCullough, a scientist for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), visited USciences' Physics Wonder Girls Camp to share her story and mentor middle-school girls from the Philadelphia region in a hands-on STEM activity. 6ABC was there: watch

Miss USA Inspires USciences Girls Physics Campers: Miss USA Kára McCullough knows a thing or two about the importance of science and encouraging girls to pursue their passions in STEM related fields. (UC Review)


Philadelphia Inquirer: Walt Whitman's legacy bridges multitudes

USciences Physics Professor Paul Halpern penned an op-ed for the Philadelphia Inquirer about the history behind the naming of the Walt Whitman Bridge and how that controversy has prohibited any real memorial to the poet and namesake for the bridge.

From the article: 

Like many native Philadelphians, I knew about the bridge before I became familiar with the poet. But once I became a fan of Walt Whitman himself, I realized that something was missing from the bridge: any real connection with the great writer it supposedly honors. While the Ben Franklin Bridge displays the sculpture Bolt of Lightning … A Memorial to Benjamin Franklin, at the Memorial Plaza near its Philadelphia base, the Whitman Bridge has no such monument.

Sadly, a bit of historical research reveals that the oversight might have been intentional, at least in the beginning. Its name selection in the mid-1950s stirred up a hive of controversy, which no one wanted to revisit.

Read the full op-ed on Philly.com.


The Daily Local News: Physics whiz kids headed for Singapore championships

The Daily Local News reported that two physics students from Octorara High School will compete in the International Young Physics Tournament in Singapore in July. A member of the physics faculty from USciences will also be going with the team.

Philadelphia Inquirer: Lessons on resilience from a Nobel physicist

Dr. Paul Halpern marked what would have been the 99th birthday of Nobel physicist Richard Feynman with a commentary in this weekend’s Philadelphia Inquirer about Dr. Feynman’s incredible resilience, something Halpern says is just as notable as his amazing contributions to physics.


The Rye City Review: RCDS gets first place at physics tourney

Students from the Rye Country Day School won first place at the U.S. Invitational Young Physics Tournament at University of the Sciences, the Rye City Review reported