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Hidden City Philadelphia: Digging Up Vine Street In Search Of Old Skid Row

USciences Dr. Steve Metraux, who studies homelessness and related topics in the department of Health Policy and Public Health, shared his research into the founding and evolution of Philly’s Skid Row, the area along Vine Street between 6th and 11th streets, in an article for Hidden City Philadelphia.


haaretz.com: This Day in Jewish History 1858: Hymen Lipman Gets Patent on the Eraser-pencil

On March 30, 1858, Hymen Lipman received a patent for his invention of a pencil with a built-in eraser. U.S. patent 19,783 was awarded to the Philadelphia stationery entrepreneur extraordinaire for what he described as a “combination of the lead and India rubber or other erasing substance [embedded] in the holder of a drawing-pencil.” In 1848, Lipman married Mary Lehman, whose father, Peter K. Lehman, was one of the founders of the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy, in 1821. They had one son and two daughters.

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PHL17: This Day in History

PHL17 included a mention of Dr. Susan Hayhurst, PCP’s first woman graduate in 1883 for their this date in history feature. Watch:



USA Today: 101 incredible sports facts that will blow your mind

Coming in at #92: With the final pick of the 1983 NBA draft, Philadelphia 76ers owner Harold Katz took 49-year-old Norman Horvitz out of the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy.

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WOLB Talk 1010 Highlights PCP's First Female Graduate

HayhurstIn observance of Women's History Month, Philadelphia College of Pharmacy alumna Susan Hayhurst was recognized as a "pioneer female pharmacist" on Baltimore's WOLB Talk 1010 on March 18.

After graduating from the Woman's Medical College of Philadelphia in 1857, Hayhurst served on the College's staff and ran its pharmaceutical department for many years. In 1883, at the age of 63, Hayhurst became the nation's first woman pharmacist, when she graduated from the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy.

Click here to listen to the segment.


The Guardian: What is the Wellcome Trust?

Born to a poor farmer in a Wisconsin log cabin in 1853, Henry Wellcome went to work at his uncle’s drug store and later enrolled at the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy.

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St. Augustine Record: Story behind the song: 'In the Garden'

C. Austin Miles, the man who wrote the song which is the subject of this article, attended the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and the University of Pennsylvania.

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Argus Leader: S.D. Moments: Early settler witnessed Lincoln's assassination

A.H. Stites, who was an early mayor of Sioux Falls, attended the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy. In June 1881, A.H. Stites moved to Sioux Falls and opened a drug store.

Read more: http://www.argusleader.com/article/20111221/VOICES/312210018/S-D-Moments-Early-settler-witnessed-Lincoln-s-assassination?odyssey=nav|head


The Area’s Bioscience Industry: Past and Present

The Philadelphia Inquirer had a special supplement in today’s paper looking at the area’s health innovations. Philadelphia College of Pharmacy is listed. I’m attaching the full spread as a pdf.

Read more: http://philly.newspaperdirect.com/epaper/showlink.aspx?bookmarkid=ADJBG2A6Q7P5&preview=article&linkid=83059936-aee3-4b80-a78d-9f6e96b4eecc&pdaffid=wmooIcMK/Mqdi15Q6lbcPA==

PDF: Download Inky bio science 1


Philadelphia Inquirer: The Medical Innovators of Today

Here is the full coverage of the Health Innovators Supplement- The Philadelphia region is currently home to 446 bioscience companies, many of which consistently break ground in the development of new biotechnology therapies, vaccines, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and diagnostics.

Read more: http://www.philly.com/philly/health_and_science/special_reports/Health_Innovations.html