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Philly Inquirer: Volunteer medical corps practices for bioterror attack

Imagine 20,000 Philadelphians coming through here, getting medications for anthrax, said physician Steve Alles, standing in the gymnasium of University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, where the training exercise was held.

Read: http://www.philly.com/philly/news/local/20141109_Volunteer_medical_corps_practices_for_bioterror_attack.html#8D5cr6qkDRLkokut.99

Watch CBS Philly clip from Saturday evening newscast: http://mediacenter.tveyes.com/downloadgateway.aspx?UserID=246151&MDID=4148017&MDSeed=617&Type=Media

Watch CBS Philly clip from Sunday morning newscast: http://mediacenter.tveyes.com/downloadgateway.aspx?UserID=246151&MDID=4148035&MDSeed=280&Type=Media


The Nicholls Worth: Louisiana, Nicholls not at risk of Ebola outbreak

Dr. Daniel Hussar, pharmacy professor at Philadelphia College of Pharmacy, told ConsumerAffairs.com, Ebola might kill, if it spreads in the U.S., but flu does kill year in and year out.



Philadelphia Inquirer: Cautious colleges prepare for the possibility of Ebola

As Ebola concerns mount, many campuses across the region are suspending university-sponsored travel to affected countries, training health center employees to deal with an outbreak, and monitoring the health of students arriving from regions hit by the illness. (USciences included)

Read: http://www.philly.com/philly/education/20141022_Cautious_colleges_prepare_for_the_possibility_of_Ebola.html


ConsumerAffairs.com: Flu: a bigger health threat than Ebola

Dr. Daniel Hussar, pharmacy professor at Philadelphia College of Pharmacy, thinks Americans should take a breath and stop worrying about Ebola. It's the flu we should be worrying about, he says.

Read: http://www.consumeraffairs.com/news/flu-a-bigger-health-threat-than-ebola-101614.html


Net News Ledger: Influenza is Far Worse in US than Ebola – Dr. Hussar

With the 2014-15 influenza season officially underway, pharmacy professor Daniel Hussar, PhD, at the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy at University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, urges people to stop worrying about Ebola and get a flu shot instead.

Read: http://www.netnewsledger.com/2014/10/14/influenza-is-far-worse-than-ebola-dr-hussar/#sthash.acj4KmBA.dpuf