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Philadelphia Inquirer: On the Boards

University of the Sciences board of trustees elected Aminta Hawkins Breaux and Dominic A. Marasco as at-large members, and named Richard Hall an alumni representative. Hawkins Breaux is vice president for student affairs at Millersville University. Marasco is executive vice president of business development for inVentiv Health. Hall is director of research and development and portfolio management information at GlaxoSmithKline.

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NJ Biz.com: The cure for the troubled hospital

VIRTUA CEO Richard P. Miller (USciences Board member) directed the 2001 complete transformation of his Camden hospital from a traditional one into a community center that houses an emergency room, family doctors and dentists, a charter school, and a farmers market -” and he says it's a prescription shuttered or troubled hospitals could take to cure their ills.

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Philly.com: Cephalon being investigated again

Bill Marth, President & Chief Executive Officer Americas for Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, Ltd., said Tuesday at the groundbreaking for a new facility in the Philadelphia neighborhood of Bustleton that Cephalon's latest troubles won't impede Teva's acquisition of Cephalon. Marth [who is a USciences board member] said Teva still expects that deal to close in October of this year.

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PhillyBurbs.com: Going for a run in memory of Del Payne

That was the feeling shared Saturday afternoon at Mill Creek Park, where the Del Payne Memorial 5K Walk/Run was held to benefit the Willingboro Public Library … “When I was contacted and told that they were doing this 5K run in memory of Del, I said ‘Look, whatever it is, I am going to support it.’ I know it’s a very good cause and I know it was important to Del and his family. It became important to me.” - Marvin Samson

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Philly Burbs.com: Payne memorial run/walk scheduled

The inaugural Del Payne Memorial 5K Run/Walk is scheduled for Sept. 24, 8 a.m. at Mill Creek Park in Willingboro. The event benefits the Willingboro Public Library.

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Board Member Del Payne's Obituaries

Burlington County Times: http://www.phillyburbs.com/obituaries/burlington_county_times/delbert-payne/article_f1cb27e5-629a-531e-8f70-039d53c1dda4.html

Philadelphia Inquirer: http://www.phillyburbs.com/obituaries/burlington_county_times/delbert-payne/article_f1cb27e5-629a-531e-8f70-039d53c1dda4.html