The Burg: Harrisburg, Bavarian breweries collaborate, innovate–and you can taste the result.

Matt Farber, director of USciences’ Brewing Science program, was featured as an expert source in “The Burg” in an article about a Harrisburg brewery, Millworks Brewery, that is partnering with Keesmann Brewery in Bamberg, Germany.   
From the article: 

When University of the Sciences beer professor Matthew Farber walks into a brewpub, he orders a pilsner as a test “because it’s a simple, clean, difficult-to-master style.”

“Because it’s so simple and clean, it becomes very elegant,” said Farber, director of the Philadelphia school’s brewing science certificate program. “Any flaws or problems are very apparent. To make it well means that a brewer has really good control of his or her process and raw materials.”

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