Philadelphia Inquirer: Walt Whitman's legacy bridges multitudes

USciences Physics Professor Paul Halpern penned an op-ed for the Philadelphia Inquirer about the history behind the naming of the Walt Whitman Bridge and how that controversy has prohibited any real memorial to the poet and namesake for the bridge.

From the article: 

Like many native Philadelphians, I knew about the bridge before I became familiar with the poet. But once I became a fan of Walt Whitman himself, I realized that something was missing from the bridge: any real connection with the great writer it supposedly honors. While the Ben Franklin Bridge displays the sculpture Bolt of Lightning … A Memorial to Benjamin Franklin, at the Memorial Plaza near its Philadelphia base, the Whitman Bridge has no such monument.

Sadly, a bit of historical research reveals that the oversight might have been intentional, at least in the beginning. Its name selection in the mid-1950s stirred up a hive of controversy, which no one wanted to revisit.

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