Randy Zauhar, PhD


Zauhar_randyAssociate Professor of Biochemistry


Computational chemistry, computer-aided drug design, molecular biophysics, modeling, software development.

About Dr. Zauhar

Before joining the University in 1998, Dr. Zauhar was a senior research investigator at the University of Missouri and a scientist at Tripos Inc. in St. Louis, Mo. He has lectured courses in molecular biology techniques, biological science, biochemistry, molecular modeling, and computational biology. Additionally, he developed and teaches a course on computer-aided drug design, which represents the focus of his current research efforts.

Dr. Zauhar has extensive experience with numerical algorithms and data mining methods, including finite element and boundary element methods, neural networks, support vector machines, and optimization. He has many years of experience in software applications development, using both native languages (C, objective C) and scripting languages (Perl, Python, Mathematica). In addition to his expertise in graphics programming (openGL) and web development (using Javascript, mySQL and Django), Dr. Zauhar is proficient in Apple's development environments for desktop applications (OS X) and mobile apps (iOS).

Dr. Zauhar’s current research efforts focus on the problem of designing drug molecules active against targets implicated in cancer and infectious disease. He is the principal developer of the Shape Signatures software technology (US Patent 8,140311), a novel approach for encoding the shape and electrostatic properties of molecules as compact descriptors that can be used to rapidly screen chemical libraries to identify potential bioactive compounds. 

Dr. Zauhar received his PhD and MA in molecular and cell biology from Penn State University and his BS/BA in physics and anthropology from Eastern Washington University.

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