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More Faculty, Staff, Student and Alumni Achievements

Richard Minoff, director of undergraduate pharmaceutical and healthcare business, traveled to Accra, Ghana to present a two-day course for Roche Pharmaceuticals. The course was for the company’s Sub-Sharan marketing, medical, and market access managers on the best practices for annual brand planning. The course emphasized marketing insights development, brand story development, and strategy development. Roche managers from Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Cameroon, Gabon and Ivory Coast attended.

Paul Halpern, who chairs the American Physical Society's historic sites committee, announced that the committee is honoring two physics sites with commemorative plaques. The first is the Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Holifield Radioactive Ion Beam Facility. The second is Yale University’s old Sloane Laboratory. The dedication of the Sloane Laboratory commemorates Edward Bouchet, the first African-American PhD in Physics.

George Downs accompanied ten students to Salt Lake City, Utah for the four-day conference on Alcoholism and other Drug Dependencies sponsored by the American Pharmacist Association from June 3 to 6.

John Porter, professor and graduate programs director in the Department of Biological Sciences, co-authored two papers on Hepatology. The first was entitled “The Toxin Biliatresone Causes Mouse Extrahepatic Cholangiocyte Damage and Fibrosis Through Decreased Glutathione and SOX17.” The second was on “Glutathione Antioxidant Pathway Activity and Reserve Determine Toxicity and Specificity of the Biliary Toxin Biliatresone in Zebrafish.”

USciences was approved for federal grant reimbursement for expenses related to Winter Storm Jonas in 2016. The grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency is for snow-removal related expenses up to $60,000.

Alice Lim recently published an article titled “The Role of a Pharmacist in a Super-Utilizer Care Coordination Team,” in the Journal of Interprofessional Education & Practice. 

Two pharmaceutical science students, Joseph Ellis and Nadine Filemban, were named recipients of the USciences Summer Undergraduate Research Fund (USURF). USURF is a mechanism to support deserving undergraduate students interested in conducting summer research under the mentorship of a faculty member. The USURF has been made possible through the donations from Mr. Marvin Samson, CEO of Samson Medical Technologies and Chairman of USciences Board of Trustees.

Greg Thielman presented at the IV Step International Conference of the Neurology and Pediatrics Section of Physical Therapy at The Ohio State University in July 2016. Theilman also published two studies, one entitled “Exercise prescription and dosing for individuals with Neurological Disease” and another he co-authored, “Development of BPPV Algorithm for Earlier Physical Therapy Consultation in the Acute Care Setting: A Case Report.”

Jim Holaska of USciences’ Philadelphia College of Pharmacy was awarded a $376,000 R15 AREA grant from the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin/National Institutes of Health entitled, “Emerin regulation of molecular pathways: implications for muscle disease.”

Kayla Garzio PharmD’18 and Jay Patel PharmD’18 were selected as pharmacy interns for the VALOR (Veterans Affairs Learning Opportunities Residency) program associated with the VA Medical Center in Wilmington, Delaware.

The American Pharmacists Association-Academy of Student Pharmacists was selected as the University of the Sciences Organization of the Year. Over the past year, the organization impacted the campus and community with health fairs, innovative programming, fundraisers and so much more.

 Associate Professor Jim Holaska published a manuscript entitled, “Disruption of the lamin A and matrin-3 interaction by myopathic LMNA mutations” with co-authors in Human Molecular Genetics.

The team of Assistant Professors Karleen Melody, Elizabeth McCartney, Sanchita Sen and Gladys Duenas recently published a review article, “Optimizing care transitions: the role of the community pharmacist,” in the Journal of Integrated Pharmacy Research and Practice

Zhiyu Li, Director of the Undergraduate Pharmacology/Toxicology Program, has been awarded a patent for “Complexation of Fatty Acid-Conjugated Molecules with Albumin.”  This approach will allow construction of therapeutic recombinant human serum albumins by protein engineering for the purpose of delivering long-lasting therapeutic agents for synergistic efficacy in various diseases.

Michael J. Cawley PharmD, professor of clinical pharmacy, has had several scholarly works published including a systematic review of pharmacist performing obstructive sleep apnea screening in the May issues of International Journal of Clinical Pharmacy.  Cawley co-authored an article entitled "New paradigms and guidelines in the management of pulmonary arterial hypertension" which appeared in the Journal of Managed Care and Specialty Pharmacy in March.

Cawley gave a presentation entitled "Respiratory Update: Guidelines, Novel Inhalers and More" at the American Pharmacists Association 2016 Annual Meeting in Baltimore. He also Presented to physicians and pharmacists at Reading Hospital in May about cUTI Treatment Considerations in an Evolving Gram-Negative Landscape.


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