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PCP Students Explore Pharmaceutical Agency Careers, Thanks to Alumni

PharmdayPharmacy students from University of the Sciences and other U.S. colleges recently learned about the growing career opportunities within the pharmaceutical industry from alumni of Philadelphia College of Pharmacy. That’s because they participated in MediMedia Managed Markets’ Student Day and specifically explored pharmacy careers with pharmaceutical agencies, like MediMedia.

Each year, alumna Michele Reed PharmD, vice president of clinical services at MediMedia, encourages pharmacy students from various programs across the nation to complete their Introduction to Pharmacy Practice Experience, Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience, and summer internships at MediMedia

As advocates of pharmaceutical agencies, the medical services team at MediMedia hosted a student event to introduce prospective pharmacy candidates to the numerous opportunities within pharmaceutical agencies. Students were exposed to the differences between a pharmaceutical industry and agency, the specific role of MediMedia in the industry, sample projects by various team members, and they even participated in an interactive MediMedia activity. Not only were the students able to learn more about this niche market, but they were able to spend a couple hours in the shoes of the medical team. The event was followed by a networking session where students were able to inquire more about the specific responsibilities and unique career path each team member has experienced.

“As a recent PCP graduate myself, I want to make sure PCP students are exposed to the various opportunities available to pharmacists before they choose their career path,” said Kunj Gohil PharmD’13, RPh, a post-doctoral fellow at MediMedia. “We hope students can use what they learned during our event and become successful professionals within the pharmaceutical industry.”


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