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PCP Students Participate in River City Festival for Fourth Year

Blog post submitted by Dr. Grace Earl and Brian Nguyen PharmD’14.

The River City Festival is held each year in the Fishtown section of Philadelphia.  Students enrolled in the Doctor of Pharmacy program have participated for the fourth year in a row on Saturday, Oct. 5.  The students were invited to participate as part of Hahnemann University Hospital’s “Wellness Tent.”
 River City Festival 2013
Five students in their fourth professional-year from the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy at University of the Sciences participated in educating festival-goers about a variety of healthcare topics.  The students seen in this picture, from left to right, include: Samantha Bryant PharmD’14, Kyle Flannery PharmD’14, Brian Nguyen PharmD’14 (standing), Judy Parks PharmD’14, and Vivi Jung PharmD’14.

Samantha Bryant, of Baltimore County, Maryland, presented an informative and interactive display about poison prevention.  One of the major goals of poison prevention presented was to prevent children from taking their parents’ medication.  A poster was made with both common candies and medicines that one would take.  Many participants had difficulty differentiating between the candy and the medicine.  This display highlighted the importance of child safety and proper storage of medications from children.
Kyle Flannery, of Lakewood County, New Jersey, highlighted smoking cessation through medication education.  Kyle differentiated between many approaches that one could take to quit smoking and highlighted the most effective approach, which is through the use of smoking cessation medications.  Judy Parks, of Bucks County, presented the steps to take for osteoporosis prevention.  Judy emphasized osteoporosis prevention in women over the age of 50 and reached out to that audience.  She emphasized that adequate intake of calcium and vitamin D was necessary for the maintenance of bone structure.  
Vivi Jung, of Delaware County, spoke about one of the biggest healthcare topics affecting Americans today: hypertension.  Vivi offered free blood pressure monitoring for all participants and counseled participants about good lifestyle habits to maintain a normal blood pressure.   Brian Nguyen, of Delaware County, focused on heart disease prevention awareness and he noted the risk factors that one could control to prevent heart disease. He also focused on counseling participants about medications that could be used to prevent a heart attack or stroke such as aspirin. 
Students from the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy were pleased with the knowledge they imparted on festival-goers and look to be participating in the River City Festival next year.  Sandy Scholtz, Experiential Field Supervisor, and Yvonne Phan, PharmD, assistant professor of the Department of Pharmacy Practice and Pharmacy Administration participated at the event.  Grace Earl, PharmD, assistant professor, coordinated the event.


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