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New Medication Bottles and Labels Improve Patient Compliance/Adherence

So does a new and improved label for a prescription bottle really improve patient compliance?  Similarly, does a flattened (versus a round) bottle make a patient take their medication more consistently? Would having all medications packaged in a blister pak alleviate the ailment of medication forgetfullness?   This Wall Street Journal article suggests that it does.  In fact, the research it points to does show that there is improved medication taking behavior.  But hold on, for those patients on multiple medications multiple times a day, would having 5-10 different sets of blister packs really help?  It might, but then again so would a well designed pill box with the days/times labeled and a translucent cover so that you can see if the medications were taken or not fairly readily.  These inexpensive boxes are reusable and do not increase the carbon footprint already associated with medications. 

As for the improve labels and bottles that are more easily readable - I am all for it!  As my eyes tire from writing this blog, I can only imagine how difficult it is to read the label on an 8 dram (very small) prescription bottle that is only ~2 inches high. 

My recommendation to anyone who takes a medication - be sure to incorporate it into your daily life - leave it near your toothbrush or take it with your meal (if OK with your pharmacist) or leave it by your bedside.  And if you need help on how to take your medication, ask your pharmacist. 


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Thanks for sharing this article, its been extremely helpful. I haven't had much experience dealing with bottle depot Calgary. Its really interesting stuff to read about, thanks again for sharing!

No problem! Keep an eye out for more posts in the next few weeks.
Dr. P

Thanks for the post, and I have to agree as well that bottle labels have improved as well. http://www.nwlabel.com What do you think?

A nice looking new label can go a long way. It helps branding and shows the consumer that you put more effort into your product. For some it makes it more recognizable.

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