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MOVE more & eat smarter!

DIET – what immediately comes to your mind? Does a groan escape your lips? It does from mine!  I happen to enjoy eating…especially plain M&M’s...preferably holiday colored. Ahem...I digress. 

So often we hear about the latest diets or how little we can eat on a particular food intake plan – do you really believe this way of eating is sustainable throughout your life?  Never to eat a bagel, pretzel or other carb (GASP!) again? Or drinking sugar water when you get hungry until the growling in your stomach passes?

Many of us believe that the focus of combating the obesity epidemic or perhaps in an effort to shrink our own waistline is to focus solely on restrictive food intake. Research suggests that reduce caloric intake MUST BE BALANCED with increased physical activity to produce significant and long-lasting results. Just as the individual who performs 500 crunches a day as his only form of exercise (but still over consuming calories) will not develop six-pack abs. It comes back to the old adage – calories in and calories out. What we intake in food we must output in exercise. We must combine a reduction in food intake with increased physical activity.

So WHAT a FABULOUS reason to join me each Wednesday for Walking Wednesdays & every other Tuesday for Beginners Yoga! TRY IT!  You KNOW you want to!


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What a great idea! Walking in general is so energizing.

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