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Tweets, Blogs, Journalism, Scientific Journals, and Press Releases

This afternoon I stopped by the Departmental office to check my mailbox and print a few things on the photocopier. While in the office I overheard a conversation about what should go in a tweet. I do not know the context of the discussion but I was reminded that different modes of communication have different functions.

At home this evening I read the Planet of the Apes blog. There was a post on communication by the press. Discussed was a paper in the Journal of the American Chemical Society.


A superfluous and unsubstantiated point in the paper became a news item. The journalist points out problems in the review process for the scientific journal and problems with how the information was presented to the general public.

Scientists focus on producing new knowledge. Disseminating that knowledge is important and accurate communication is crucial to progress in science. The more ways we have to communicate the more careful we need to be about which one we choose.

An NPR News piece from last week looks at some of the problem these choices can cause in personal communication.



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Thanks for posting journals in your blog, keep it up.

These all are very important for every organization. These all are called social Media.

Yes,the Researchers concentrate to generate new knowledge,with that knowledge to invent new things to a organization.These all are known as public press.

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