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Healthy Holiday Gifts & Tips

We want to encourage physical activity in our kids as well as within each other, but how do we do that without being offensive or downright boring? Give a gym membership? Never! A workout video? Zzzzz…try something new! But how much will this cost?

Worried about the budget? No need! Here is a list of holiday gifts to keep everyone happy & active ranging from the frugal to the frivolous:

• Jump Rope
• Sidewalk Chalk for Hopscotch (or use carpet pieces for inside hopscotch!)
• Twister
• T-ball starter set with net
• Pogo stick
• Scooter
• Bike
• Roller Blades
• Soccer Ball
• Football
• Basketball
• Volleyball
• Baseball, bat & glove
• Ice Skates
• Sled
• Skateboard
• Slide
• Climber
• Mini trampoline with handlebar
• Snowboard
• Golf clubs
• Snowshoes
• Kinect for Xbox 360
• Bounce House
• Swing Set

Parents don’t be afraid to join in the fun! You and your children will be getting exercise, having fun and making memories – much more long lasting than another doll or video game. Take my daughter’s 70 year-old grandmother who does not hesitate to jump into the bounce house or go sledding with all of the kids. I am 41 years old and I have a Razor Scooter to keep up with my child’s own scooter. This year amidst the office party, the stuffy holiday gathering, the prim and properness of it all – have fun. Be active. Make a memory with those closest to you!

And whenever you start to feel an activity is a little too “silly” to engage in with your kids remember this…
“That's the real trouble with the world, too many people grow up. They forget. They don't remember what it's like to be twelve years old. They patronize; they treat children as inferiors.” - Walt Disney

This year celebrate the memories not the materials.


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