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Here’s a Proposition for You: The Value of USciences Education

In an earlier blog about our new tagline, we talked about how it encapsulates our value proposition. As we mentioned there, “value proposition” is a marketing term for the benefits that a company or product provides to its customers, what it promises to deliver, and what makes it the better choice for the consumer.


When an institution like University of the Sciences looks at its value proposition, the most important thing to remember is that a brand is only as powerful as the experience it actually provides to the “customer,” in our case, students and alumni. When an organization doesn’t fulfill its brand’s value proposition, it gains the reputation of a snake oil salesman, making grandiose promises it can’t keep, leaving the customers feeling they’ve been had.


 Snake oil 

  It can be just as problematic if an organization doesn’t know its brand value proposition or doesn’t communicate it clearly. Customers may still end up disappointed. They will bring to the organization their own perceptions of what it should be delivering to them, and if it doesn’t, they are unhappy.


In order for everyone to know what to expect of a USciences education, it is important that we clearly communicate our value proposition so there is no confusion on the kind of education students can expect us to provide. It also ensures prospective students understand why USciences is the best choice for a science- and healthcare-focused education.


Our new USciences tagline—“Where science and healthcare converge”—now clearly delineates our value proposition.  Prospective and current students will know we provide a science- and healthcare-focused education that prepares them to be leaders in discovery throughout their careers.



Our history and the heights our graduates have scaled prove that we deliver, that our customers get the value from a USciences education that we promised. Let me give you a few examples of why we know this to be true:

·   We were founded as the nation’s first college of pharmacy 190 years ago in 1821 and that commitment to scholarship is just as strong today.

·   Our alumni include founders of six of the top pharmaceutical companies in the world. 

·   We currently rank ninth in the nation among comparable institutions in the percentage of graduate students who pursue PhD degrees in the medical sciences like biology, chemistry, and physics.

·   Payscale.com has ranked USciences graduates’ salary potential as seventh in the Northeast and eleventh in the nation. 

·   Our acceptance rate into medical school historically has been nearly twice the national average.

·   Historically, within three months of graduation, 90% of our students are employed or have been accepted into graduate school.


We fulfill our value proposition through our obvious commitment to all things science and healthcare. USciences has more than 100 labs open to students, and students have the opportunity to begin hands-on research as early as their freshman year. Because industry leaders need to be well-rounded individuals, we also provide:

·   Strong grounding for all students in the social sciences

·   Competitive Division II athletics

·   A reciprocal agreement with University of the Arts to encourage creative pursuits

·   Study-abroad opportunities to expand their horizons

·   Student clubs and associations that allow students to explore their interests


The USciences community—including our alumni who mentor our students—work hard every day to ensure those who attend USciences and the employers who ultimately hire them receive the value we have promised: an education that puts our graduates at the convergence of science and healthcare, prepared to change the world.


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