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Colds, Flu & YOU

We all know we should wash, wash, wash our hands, but did you also know that a positive attitude and getting some sunshine may also protect and improve your immune system?  Karin Richards, director of exercise science and wellness management, has your November wellness tips to keep you cold-free:


  • The will to be healthy and see the good in life as well as vitamin D from the sun are very powerful immunity enhancers.


  •  A soothing massage will boost your mood and rid your body of unhealthy toxins (but do NOT get a massage when you begin to feel sick - doing so can actually bring on a cold in full force.)


  • When you start to feel drained with all of the holiday rush, try to get some more sleep and hydrate yourself with extra water. Cold air is drier, making it easier to become dehydrated. 


  •  Try the Neti Pot - a nasal rinse with salt water that will flush irritants. The Neti Pot will keep colds at a minimum and may shorten the duration and severity of any current colds.


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