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Showing our appreciation of our students

The end of the semester is a good time for showing appreciation.  As teachers, we can also show our appreciation to our students through academic channels.  Here are a few suggestions to help you individualize what you want to do.  Research shows that students who feel a personal connection with their faculty are more engaged with their studies, more likely to feel positive about the course and even more likely to stay in school to graduate.

  • On the last day of instruction you can thank the students for any of the following things:
    • taking the journey about the topic of your class with you
    • being understanding and offering feedback as you implemented innovations
    • sharing their own stories or perspectives with you
    • learning with you/ teaching you
    • have the privilege of getting to know them
  • You can write emails to selected students who really added to the class through their participation, willingness to help others, or overall good spirit and enthusiasm.
  • You can write emails to students who struggled, but really worked hard.  You can tell them you appreciate how hard they worked.




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