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Importance of self-assessment

If the teachers are the only ones who assess students, students never learn the important skills of self-assessment. Throughout our professional lives, people need to assess their abilities, their strengths and weaknesses. Yet, many college graduates do not have good self-assessment skills. While it is uncomfortable to do so, students need practice assessing themselves. What instructors ask students to self-assess varies with the type of course and the content of the course. For example, students might assess themselves on their writing abilities, on their functioning in a group or class participation. Students can always be asked to assess how well they are learning or to reflect on their own learning processes. When students gain self-assessment skills, they also gain confidence and move more to becoming a self-directed, lifelong learner.

For more information see http://www.usp.edu/teaching/Learner-Centered/Blumberg_Developing_Learner_Centered_Teaching.pdf


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