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Investing in Academic Technology

The administration of the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia has recently committed to investing in e-learning by creating a new Department of Academic Technology. I am honored to serve as the department's new executive director. Besides pulling together a new department, one of my first goals is to help consolidate support services for desktop PCs, academic applications, classroom technology and the learning management system (Angel). We plan to have a new help website established in time for the fall semester featuring live 24/7 help via phone and chat, a new frequently asked questions (FAQ) database and other self-help resources.

Other goals include building a more robust e-learning platform offering more online options that will allow students to learn, study and interact with fellow students and faculty, at any time and any place. Significant new training opportunities will also be made available to help faculty and staff take advantage of new web-based collaboration and teaching tools.

Stay tuned to this space for academic technology news and tips about making the most of the University's online teaching and learning resources.

Rodney B. Murray, Ph.D.
Executive Director of Academic Technology

Dr. Rodney B. Murray, Executive Director of Academic Technology at the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, earned his PhD in pharmacology from Temple University School of Medicine. Prior to joining the University, Dr. Murray served as director of application and web services at Thomas Jefferson University, where he was recruited in 1987 to create the Office of Academic Computing and to teach pharmacology in Jefferson Medical College. His leadership brought significant achievements in the areas of instructional technology, knowledge management, application development, and the University’s Internet presence. Dr. Murray is promoting the latest e-learning technologies, including Web 2.0 applications, social media, blogs, wiki's, e-portfolios and podcasts. He has become a recognized expert in this area, producing his own educational podcasts at www.rodspulsepodcast.com.


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