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Steps to learner-centered teaching

Many faculty either desire on their own or feel pressure to use learner-centered approaches. However, they may lack the confidence or skills to make the changes they need to make. Divide and conquer may be the answer here. Here are two ways to divide and succeed with learner-centered teaching:

  1. MaryEllen Weimer defined learner-centered teaching into
    • The function of content
    • The role of the instructor
    • The responsibility for learning
    • The purposes and processes of assessment and
    • The balance of power

    I further defined these five dimensions into four- seven separate components. (For more information)
    For example, I further defined the responsibility for learning into:

    • Responsibility for learning
    • Learning to learn skills
    • Self-directed, lifelong learning skills
    • Students’ self assessment of their learning
    • Students’ self-assessment of their strengths and weaknesses and
    • Information literacy skills
  2. Divide your planned changes into small incremental steps. Small changes can
    • Are easier to implement
    • often have spillover effects and
    • can increase your confidence in your ability to become a learner-centered teacher.

I welcome your responses and your examples of how you implemented learner-centered teaching.


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