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Rome Journal #3

Some quick updates:

2 altemps ceiling 

It's Culture Week in Rome, which means the state-run museums and archaeological sites are all free. Across from the conference is the Museo Nationale Romano Altemps, filled with sculptural treasures. Of course, I'm in awe of the walls and ceilings (above photo)--here I thought I was a housepainter.

5 castel view atop

(left) A view from atop Castel Sant'Angelo of the Tiber River. The conference keeps me busy--we're in sessions from 9 am until 8 pm every day, with a break from 12-3 pm. That's just enough time to see a quick sight and grab my new favorite food, carciofo (artichokes).

5 baileys roma cousin

Bailey's Roman cousin.



Another "minor" detour: around the corner from the conference was the Church of St. Augustine in Campo Marzio. It seems every church contains something by Caravaggio (1569-1609).

15 caravaggio

Took a stroll through Villa Borghese, the Fairmount Park of Rome.

Rome 4.23.09 109 

...And then walked to Northern Rome, to the Priscilla Catacombs--over 10 km of underground passageways where approximately 40,000 Christians were buried.

20 catacombe




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