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Beyond Science

What you hear is true: the science programs at USP are phenomenal. But here in the deep dark recesses of the East Building (home to the Humanities Department), we're keeping big secrets.

Katie and Justin are two of our department's newest majors! We have a Bachelor's of Science degree now in Humanities and Science. That means you can earn a science degree while taking literature, art, music, foreign language, history, classics, and more. It's so much fun to tell students that they CAN have it all. Our majors are the coolest people on campus. Of course, I'm biased. :) 

Okay, okay. The students who are minoring in the Humanities department are amazing, too. Today, Courtney and Rob are in Utah, presenting papers at the National Undergraduate Literature Conference. Rob (a microbio major) is finishing a Minor in Writing this semester, and trying to decide which of his 17 short stories he should include in his thesis (the first novel isn't quite finished yet). We literally can't bind all his creative writing--there's too much of it. Courtney (a PharmD major) is finishing her Minor in Humanities. She's combining her love for American history and literature (esp. Hemingway) with her passion for music (protest songs of Vietnam and Iraq wars) and photography. Don't ask me what THAT thesis will look like.

Aali (a PharmD/Bio double major) is in Indianapolis--I can't even remember what conference he's attending, since he presents at so many now. Aali always balances his love for science with his love of exploring new places. He'll be hiking in Zion National Park one year, then renting a bike in San Francisco and riding to Alcatraz another year--so of course he's the one who would find something interesting to do in Indianapolis. He just sent me an e mail telling me about a "chocolate cafe" he just visited. Aali writes: "Even my Insulin pen told me I'd be crazy not to indulge...  They had chocolate turtle cheesecakes!  And every possible kind of nut covered in fresh made chocolate. Milk shakes, ice cream, hot chocolate oh my!"

Aali is the production manager for The Elixir, USP's literary journal. Next week is our publication party, when we give out cash prizes in fiction, drama, poetry, and nonfiction. Every year people read the journal and say, "I didn't know we had such great writers on this campus!" We do.

Writers and readers, travelers and eaters. Don't tell anyone that USP has much more than science. It'll be our little secret.


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