Induction of USciences Officers and Directors

Thursday, April 3, 2014, USciences Campus

Front row: Julie Gerhart P’94, BW’05, director. Second row, left to right: James Rivard, P’81, alumni representative; Virginia Athanas Markos, P’87, MBA, director; Erin Fadden HS’08, director; Siobhan Duffy P’84, BW’05, president-elect; and Victoria Rehill Elliott P’87, secretary. Back row, left to right: Rosemarie O’Malley Halt P’89, treasurer; Daniel Hussar P’62, MS’64, PhD’67, director; Karen Salzman Bliss P’89, director; Catherine Burns Purzycki BI’83, MS, director; and board of trustees alumni representative Col. S. Rogers Wetherill P’68, president. Not Pictured: Cornelius (Neil) Pitts P’73, PharmD’04, director.



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