In Memoriaum

Robert E. Abrams P’49, MS’50 October 13, 2013
N. Wayne Arnold P’49 September 24, 2013
Stewart C. Brown C’50 October 27, 2013
V. Robert Carson P’50 December 22, 2013
Robert D. Caton P’43 August 1, 2013
Charlotte (Rhine) Danneker P’53 November 2, 2013
Terry L. Dorrell P’62 September 19, 2013
Benjamin Gold P’49 June 23, 2013
Peter David Hottenstein P’62 December 16, 2013
Frederick A. Labs P’55 December 23, 2013
Max T. Lichtenstein, Jr., P’43 November 15, 2013
John C. McKitrick BAC’68 February 7, 2013
Elaine (Samick) Nace MT’81 November 22, 2013
Robin L. Outten P’81 November 8, 2013
John J. Wasniewski P’63, MS’65 October 22, 2013
Eleanor (Walker) Weaver P’46 December 20, 2013


ROCCHINA “CHINE” (DE BARTOLOMEIS) LEONCAVALLO PhG’32 died on October 23, 2013, at the age of 102. Her family owned and operated the Latin-American Pharmacy in Wilmington, DE. Along with her brother Italo and his wife Lea, Rocchina founded Bartley Drugs, the first 24-hour pharmacy in Wilmington. Rocchina was the first woman president of the Delaware Board of Pharmacy. She is predeceased by her husband Sid and survived by her son Alfred, three nieces, and five nephews.


WILLIAM KUPCHA P’60 passed away on November 11, 2013. He is survived by his wife of 49 years, Anna; daughters Debra and Michelle; and five grandchildren.

Friends of USciences

NEIDA V. SCHMID, former secretary for USciences (then Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science), passed away on November 7, 2013. She is survived by cousins Nancy and Paul Leiser and Andrea and Butch Rambo.


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