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cardiology emr

Implementing EMR I think will definitely lead to better care..It could improve the quality and accuracy of medical-record documentation and improve quality of care.

EMR Saves Lives

EMR IS the tip of the iceberg...to better medical care.

electronic medical records

Nice tips! Some study says, EMR will also protect us if we use the system well and are meticulous about our usage. The EMR record can document that patients were notified of test results and were given instructions on when to follow up with us. Anyway, thanks for sharing this post. I've got some idea.


medical records management

Electronic medical records are going to be the fresh, cool breeze of the medical world!
Medical records will be much more secure, doctors will get instant information about new patients etc.

Ruby Badcoe

Paper-based records are still by far the most common method of recording the patients’ information for most health care facilities and practices here in the U.S. The fact that electronic style of recording is a big help in the field, this system requires significant storage space to make it efficient and reliable. It’s convenient in a way that it doesn’t cost that much. Well, if this is utilized by almost all hospitals of today, our health care system is enriched once again and communities will most likely to benefit.

Dollie Meder

Computerized medical records helps doctors to sift through the medical filing system, which requires a significant amount of storage space to be efficient and reliable, with relative ease. This is surely convenient especially that it doesn’t cost that much. Imagine if this is utilized by major hospitals of today, the health care system will improve in various ways that the community will most likely benefit from.


Great post. My coworkers and I were just talking about the advantages and disadvantages of electronic medical records software last week. I will have to send this post around the office, thanks so much for sharing!

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