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Larry Pope

Yes, I believe it, I saw it and Mr. Connelly has confirmed it. There was at least one mega-impact on Australia. His work has gone beyond rudimentary research. He has gone to Australia and collected evidence of this impact. He has educated himself to understand what is and is not associated with an asteroid impact. I believe the evidence he has shared is clear. This evidence has also been shared with the scientific community. It is now up to the scientists to look into this evidence.

To me, the evidence of melted rock formations could come from nothing less than a huge impact. As far as I know, the scientists of this community have not questioned or commented on Mr. Connelly's work. This, to me, is a clear message that shows he is on the correct path. Hopefully, someone new to the field will take up the fight to confirm Mr. Connelly's work. Seems the old guys are stuck in their ways and do not care to recognize an amateur's evidence. Evidence is evidence. If it tells the truth, it should be taken seriously and researched. Keep up the great work Dan.

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