Nick Inverso, SGA Vice President of Finance

My name is Nick Inverso and I’m a fifth year pharmacy student. I have been a member of SGA since my freshman year and I am serving my fourth term as a member of the executive board. I currently serve as the Vice President of Finance. This position requires that I manage and distribute the funding set aside for organizations and student activities. Some advice I would like to offer: throughout this year, make a promise to yourself to explore what is available and join some activity/organization. It’s fine if it’s something familiar to you, but don’t discount something completely...

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Joey Falbo, SGA Vice President of Academic Affairs

Hello! My name is Joey Falbo and I am a P1 Pharmacy Student. I am from Carbondale, PA (in Northeastern Pennsylvania). I sing and play guitar and am a huge fan of music. I love to meet new people and I'm very outgoing. This is my second year on the SGA Executive Board. If you see me on campus, feel free to come say hi! This year, my position on the Executive Board is Vice President of Academic Affairs. This position entails working with students, my committee, and faculty/university counterparts in order to provide an efficient academic experience on our...

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Deep Parikh, SGA Executive Vice President

Hey, my name is Deep Parikh and I am a 5th year pharmacy student here at USciences. I am originally from Iselin, New Jersey. I am a fan of soccer and although I don’t look like it, I’ve been a huge fan of metal, punk, and rock music ever since middle school. My dislikes include people who say they don’t like Game of Thrones. To the rest of the Executive Board (a.k.a. the “Eboard”), I am the weird one of the group, but I am also the most entertaining….well at least I think I am. Fall 2015 will mark my...

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Taylor Jones, SGA Vice President of Student Affairs

Hi everyone! My name is Taylor Jones. I am a P3 pharmacy student from South Jersey. This is my forth year with the Student Government Association. I have served in a number of different positions on the Executive Board, so I am very experienced in this area and have enjoyed my time as well. This year, I will be serving as your Vice President of Student Affairs. In a nutshell, I oversee three committee positions on the board: the Multicultural, Public Safety, and Student Services committees. Together we work to improve campus life for all students and convey student wants...

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Ally Cerino, SGA Vice President of Campus Activities Board

My name is Ally Cerino and I hold the position of Vice President of Campus Activities Board. I am a second year Doctor of Pharmacy student from Ridley, Pennsylvania. I was a dancer for 15 years of my life and I love shopping. This year I am excited to be planning events for campus as Vice President of Campus Activities. This position is very creative and fun. I am responsible for planning and executing major events hosted by Student Government Association. A popular event for students is Student Appreciation day in April. This day celebrates all the hard work students...

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Gianna Iantosca, SGA Chair of Public Relations

My name is Gianna Iantosca and I’m a second year Doctor of Pharmacy student (U2) at University of the Sciences. I am from Manalapan, New Jersey. At the end of the last academic year, I became Chair of Public Relations on the Student Government Executive Board and I am also a Student Ambassador (tour guide) for the University. I am pleased and excited to take on the position of Chair of Public Relations. This position can most easily be described as the marketing director on the Student Government Executive Board. As events are being planned by other board members and...

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Irina Katz, SGA President

Hello, my name is Irina Katz, and I am going into my P2 year of the Pharmacy program. In the upcoming year, I will be the President of the Student Government Association. As president, my job is basically to oversee what the rest of my board is doing, and be there to help them in any given situation. I act as a liaison between the students and the University officials. I am the voice of the students, and I try to make sure that our side of the story is always heard and taken into account. Aside from that, I...

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This T-Shirt Is a Lie!

Okay so this isn't what the t-shirt looks like but I couldn't find a picture. Believe me, I tried. I ran around the campus searching bulletin boards but to could not, so I attempted to recreate it with a t-shirt generator. You see why I didn't choose a career in fashion. Anyways the point of my sad recreation of the t-shirt is its statement that USciences football is undefeated since 1821. This a lie. Yes, a lie. Many people believe that because we don't currently have a football team, we never did. Most people are wrong. Soak in the beauty...

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Congrats to all 2015 Student Leadership Award Recipients

The Division of Student Affairs and Student Government Association at University of the Sciences recognized outstanding students, advisors and organizations at the Student Leadership Awards Program on Thursday, April 16.

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Selma 50 Years (and a few weeks) Later: Where Are We Now?

In honor of the 50th anniversary of Selma, I think we should look at where the racial divide is today. In my opinion, this look won’t be pretty but let’s start with the positives. Our president is African-American which certainly indicates there has been progress since the original march through Selma. Also, water fountains are no longer designated for race. However, and perhaps this is due to how the media displays things, I see many negatives. According to thinkprogress.com, admittedly a biased website, only 1.2% of fortune 500 CEOs are African-Americans. CNN supports this disparity stating “The United States government...

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