USciences Teams Up to Support Free Golf Clinic for Blind Children

Members of University of the Sciences men’s golf team and Kappa Epsilon fraternity gathered to support The Middle Atlantic Blind Golf Association’s free golf clinic at the Overbrook School for the Blind on Oct. 11. Each year, alumnus Norman Kritz P’51 co-hosts this event for blind or visually impaired girls and boys ages 5-21. “Many of these kids have never participated in sports,” said Kritz, a clinic coordinator. “This affords them an opportunity to get out, play and learn a sport that they can play for the rest of their lives. It also allows their parents a chance to see...

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You're Invited to USciences' Family Fall Fest on Oct. 18

University of the Sciences encourages parents, families, friends and alumni to attend Family Fall Fest on Saturday, Oct. 18, to help celebrate the 2014-15 academic school year.

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Got Extra Books? 'StEPP up' and Donate Them at USciences

This blog post was written by Priya Panchal PharmD'16. She is a peer mentor for the Student Excellence and Professional Preparation (StEPP) program at USciences.

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Turn Your Talent into Cash at USciences' Got Talent on Oct. 9

The fourth annual USciences’ Got Talent is set for Thursday, Oct. 9, from 7-10 p.m., in the Athletic/Recreation Center’s (ARC) gym. This event will give USciences students a chance to show their friends and classmates their talents for the chance to win one of three cash prizes, while also raising money for a worthy cause.

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Summer Orientation Provides 'Selfies' and Fun for Incoming Students

Hundreds of recent high school graduates spent the past week immersed in an overnight orientation experience that offered a real taste of college life at University of the Sciences.

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2014 Greek Week: Letters Today, Leaders Tomorrow

The Greek community at University of the Sciences recently held its first Greek Week Team Competition: The Legend of Extraordinary Greeks, hosted by the Inter-Greek Council and the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life.

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Creativity: Pros and Cons

Being creative is an interesting experience. I believe that all people are creative, but some have had it suppressed to the point they can no longer access it. In some respects, they are lucky. When they read a question on an exam they can focus on finding an answer. I, on the other hand, will sometimes be distracted by an idea for a short story the problem inspired. Don't get me wrong, creativity is fun, but sadly society doesn't pay fun. So, since that wasn't my only passion, I decided to go to school for the passion with a bigger...

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Olbermann is Added to the List of People Who Don't Like Philly

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mbn8rlUopRs So, as the video showed, Olbermann doesn't think I can read based on the evidence that I'm a Flyers fan. How obsevant. Do you know who Olbermann is? I didn't until this popped up into my Twitter feed so I don't blame you but he's some sports analyst who was born and raised in New York. With the Philly New York playoff series coming up, one could see the motivation behind poking the Flyers fan base. Someone must have forgotten to tell him: we're insane. So, enjoy your fifteen minutes of fame, Olbermann. You might to read your own...

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Research Day 2014

Last Thursday marked the 12th annual USciences Research Day where students from all majors are encouraged to present the research they have been working on. The occupational therapy program had many interesting submissions based on research conducted in various classes. Each P2 doctoral candidate submitted research that each of use developed in the course title Evidence Based Practice. With a lot of help and guidance from my teachers I was able to create a systematic review that synthesized evidence of preventative care with an emphasis on delaying age related cognitive decline. I was very excited to present my work to...

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Student Leadership Awards

Every year the University acknowledges all the hard work and dedication student leaders contribute to campus throughout the year by hosting the Student Leadership Awards. There is an open nomination period available for the entire campus to vote on various awards such as Emerging Student Leader, Student Leader of the Year, Synergy Award, Cultural Program of the Year, Greek Man of the Year, Greek Woman of the Year, and many more. This year I was the recipient of the Student Leader of the Year Award and Student Government Association President's Award. I was honored to be recognized with multiple nominations...

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