This T-Shirt Is a Lie!

Okay so this isn't what the t-shirt looks like but I couldn't find a picture. Believe me, I tried. I ran around the campus searching bulletin boards but to could not, so I attempted to recreate it with a t-shirt generator. You see why I didn't choose a career in fashion. Anyways the point of my sad recreation of the t-shirt is its statement that USciences football is undefeated since 1821. This a lie. Yes, a lie. Many people believe that because we don't currently have a football team, we never did. Most people are wrong. Soak in the beauty...

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Congrats to all 2015 Student Leadership Award Recipients

The Division of Student Affairs and Student Government Association at University of the Sciences recognized outstanding students, advisors and organizations at the Student Leadership Awards Program on Thursday, April 16.

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Selma 50 Years (and a few weeks) Later: Where Are We Now?

In honor of the 50th anniversary of Selma, I think we should look at where the racial divide is today. In my opinion, this look won’t be pretty but let’s start with the positives. Our president is African-American which certainly indicates there has been progress since the original march through Selma. Also, water fountains are no longer designated for race. However, and perhaps this is due to how the media displays things, I see many negatives. According to thinkprogress.com, admittedly a biased website, only 1.2% of fortune 500 CEOs are African-Americans. CNN supports this disparity stating “The United States government...

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Over the years one of my favorite events at USciences has been bingo, more specifically Bio Bingo! When I first started attending this events a few years ago it was hosted by the American Institute of Biological Sciences and Microbiology Club. Most recently, this bingo was hosted by Student Government Association but no matter who hosts the event, it's always a big hit! The prizes include GIANT Microbes and I Heart Guts items. From all my bingo winnings I now have a big collection of these items which include plush lungs and a brain! These prizes are the perfect fit...

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"It's Always Yummy in Philadelphia"

For all of us college students out there who hardly ever have two pennies to rub together, there comes a time ever year that has us all overly excited…and that’s Restaurant Week! For two weeks, once every fall and spring semester, over 130 restaurants offer three course meals for the fairly low price of $35. We’re not talking about the mediocre food that you may have encountered in your high school cafeteria; no these are five star, gourmet restaurants with delicious and delectable menu options that never fail to satisfy. My friends and I usually use this opportunity to try...

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USciences Olympics

Every year USciences Student Government Association hosts our own Olympic games. This gives all student groups on campus an opportunity to participate in over 15 events to earn money for their organization. Examples of some of the events are soccer, ping-pong, academic challenge, scavenger hunt and family feud. My favorite event so far has been Family Feud. I am a big fan of the TV show so I was excited to participate in this event. During Student Government's general assembly meeting over 100 students filled out a survey with various questions that would serve as the answers for Family Feud....

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Super Bowl Summary

So another year, and another Super Bowl champion. I like to issue my congratulations to Missy Eliot for winning the MVP of the Super Bowl. Have fun in Disney World. What? She didn't win? Well then who did? Oh I know... Alright, alright he didn't win. No wonder he looks so sad. It's hard to believe that was supposed Katy Perry's halftime show. Congratulations to the Patriots on the victory. Now what you're going to talk about depends on what you focus. Some focused on the halftime show and now want a mechanical lion or whatever it is. Others switched...

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Interprofessional Education (IPE)

This semester I had the opportunity to take an interprofessional education course at the University of Pennsylvania. The course was titled Pain Science and Practice, which focused on different therapeutic aspects to manage various types of pain patients experience. This course included nursing students from University of Pennsylvania's School of Nursing, dental students from University of Pennsylvania's School of Dental Medicine and pharmacy students from USciences. The course was a mixture of lectures, and interdisciplinary group presentations. For my evidence based group project, I was paired with a nurse anesthetist. It was so interesting to hear about her background and...

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Alumni, Student-Athletes Support Each Other On & Off the Field

The USciences Softball team recently hosted our second annual Alumni Game during Family Fall Fest on Saturday, Oct. 18.

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Alumni Leaders Share Advice with Students in iLead Program

Students and alumni at University of the Sciences recently had the opportunity to engage with each other during the USciences iLead Leadership Series' second annual Alumni Dinner on Friday, Oct. 10.

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