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11 posts from July 2011


Happy 75th to the Wellcome Trust!

The Trust has been supporting scientific research, public understanding of science, and science policy since its establishment on 25 July 1936 with proceeds from the will of Sir Henry Wellcome.

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Inquirer OpEd: U.S. science is going the way of the shuttle

Paul Halpern writes, Large-scale research has been beset by budget cuts

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Surveys of pharma execs see more rocky times ahead

Two surveys of pharmaceutical executives released Tuesday suggest a troubling, or at least tumultuous, future for an industry that employs thousands of people in the Philadelphia’s University of the Sciences president Philip Gerbino, who was quoted in the report, seemed to suggest that entrenchment and chaos - "entropy," as he put it - were reasons why companies were slow to improve on their research programs.

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A Trip Down Scoring Lane

But much of this backtracking appears to be moot once I uncovered John C. Anderson of Bucknell College. Bucknell went 10-0 in 1902-03 with Anderson as captain. On Jan 16, 1903, Anderson scored 80 points in a 159-5 rout of Philadelphia College of Pharmacy. He made 40 field goals in the game.

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Not wanted: Science jobs

The health-care sector is expected to grow in coming years, but many teens say they aren't interested. University of the Sciences provost Russell DiGate, a molecular biologist, said the race to put an astronaut on the moon captured his imagination.


Solutions to pain problems

In a 2005 study, researchers at the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, US, found that oleocanthal - a compound found in olives and related to ibuprofen - was a potent anti-inflammatory painkiller.

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The Morning Call: Travel vaccine and flu specialist opens in Bethlehem

Owners Ed Hudon and Terry Hudon are graduates of Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science, now known as University of the Sciences of Philadelphia, with more than 15 years of experience.

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Philadelphia Business Journal: CFO OF THE YEAR | NONPROFIT

Joseph Trainor was named nonprofit CFO of the year by the Philadelphia Business Journal. Trainor has served as the CFO and senior vice president for finance for the University the past four years.

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Philadelphia Business Journal: FDA warns herbal products company Tatra Herb

Daniel Hussar, a professor of pharmacy at the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy, which is part of the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, said the FDA is cracking down on claims by herbal drug companies, but he wouldn’t say it’s a high priority for the government agency.

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Anti-Aging Strategies - 4 Areas to Pay Close Attention To

“There is a good reason why some people age better than others, and it’s not all about genetics,” explains alumna, pharmacist and author Sherry Torkos, BSc, Phm.

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