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First Look: Beginning SEA-PHAGES at USciences

The Department of Biological Sciences will offer a new and exciting, discovery-based research program called SEA-PHAGES, to supplement its traditional undergraduate curriculum next fall.

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Healthy Valentine's Day Tips

Whether you’re kicking back on your own or going to a fancy dinner with your Valentine, Valentine’s Day is almost here (and so is the heavily discounted candy the day after). Here are three healthy tips for this Valentine’s Day: Stick to dark chocolate. Dark chocolate contains a higher percentage of cocoa bean than milk chocolate, meaning that dark chocolate is high in flavonoids. Flavonoids are a type of antioxidant that has shown that reduce amounts of cell damage, help lower blood pressure and prevent inflammation. Try to stick to at least 65% cacoa. Try cooking at home rather than...

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Kinesiology's Own Dr. Freeman Featured in CBS News!

On February 8th, the Kinesiology Department's Professor Dr.Freeman was featured in a CBS News Article about 'Simplifying Your Lifestyle Could Be Key To Better Health'! Check out the article at:

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PCP Students Named Among 'Faces of Philly's Top Internships'

Three pharmacy students from USciences were featured among the Faces of Philadelphia's Top Internships – a list generated by NerdScholar, a California-based non-profit aimed at helping students and their parents make the best decisions about their higher education.

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Gluten, what is it exactly?

Gluten free foods are a huge market right now. Gluten is a protein found in wheat and some other grains. Some people are allergic (celiacs disease) or sensitive to gluten, and eating it can make them sick. Celiacs is an autoimmune disease, and when people with celiacs eat gluten, it causes an attack on the small intestine. Gluten free has become a fad diet, which can be dangerous, because food marketed as gluten free can be highly processed therefore being high in extra sugar and fat. A gluten free diet should consist of nuts, fruits, veggies, meat and fish, soy,...

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'Simple Living' Reaps Health and Financial Benefits, According to USciences Research

Results from a recent unpublished study at University of the Sciences indicate that reducing the clutter and narrowing one’s possessions, activities, and thoughts can play a key role in boosting their mental and physical health.

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USciences Students to Raise Awareness and Fundraise for the Fight Against Ebola on Jan. 29

The Ebola crisis may have left the headlines in the U.S., but the battle against this epidemic is still taking place in Africa. USciences students in American Institute of Biological Sciences (AIBS), Microbiology Club, and American Pharmacists Association (APhA) are raising awareness and fundraising for combating Ebola in West Africa. Sam Turray MPH’12 is a health advisor to the president in Sierra Leone. He has been helping quarantined citizens and healthcare workers there through a charity he founded while at USciences—Hands for Life. Turray has been communicating about the dire situation in that country in regards to the thousands of...

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Exercises: The Romanian Deadlift

Hello Health and Fitness world! My name is Stephanie Fultano, the VP of the Kinesiology Club, a Devils softball player, and also a certified ACE Personal Trainer. This section of the blog will incorporate certain exercises used in resistance training. These exercises will target all parts of the body like arms, legs, shoulders, back; you name it! I will try my best to make the exercises vary throughout target areas and do my best to describe the benefits and proper techniques. If you have any questions about anything let me know! Romanian Deadlifts: This specific exercise is often forgotten to...

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Welcome to the Kinesiology Blog!

Hello everyone! This is the new Kinesiology Blog, run by the Kinesiology club! Some topics you can look forward to include: -Fitness and exercise -Health and nutrition -Stress management -Sports at USciences -and many more health related topics! Keep yourself engaged in the health and fitness world here on the Kinesiology Blog!

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USciences Selected to Participate in Prestigious SEA-PHAGES Program

USciences was one of 17 colleges and universities nationwide selected to participate in Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s prestigious Science Education Alliance: Phage Hunters Advancing Genomics and Evolutionary Science (SEA-PHAGES) program during the 2015-16 school year.

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