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Alum's Pharmacy Nationally Recognized for its Service to Community

HealthMart_Tepper_093015Pharmacy alumnus Craig Lehrman P’89, a second-generation pharmacist who learned the business from his father, was recently honored for consistently providing care and services that add measurable value to patient healthcare and community wellness. His independently-owned Tepper Pharmacy, located in Wynnewood, Pa., is one of 10 pharmacies across the country to receive the Health Mart Community Healthcare Excellence Award.

After graduating from Philadelphia College of Pharmacy in 1989, Lehrman gained most of his pharmacy experience working for others before he achieved his goal of owning a pharmacy in 2011. Over the past four years, Lehrman and his staff have continued to build upon Tepper Pharmacy’s rich 30-year history of delivering personalized care to the community.

“I was interested in the business aspect of pharmacy, but it was my father that guided me into the profession of pharmacy,” he said. “I was looking for a store to buy and even considered opening a new store from scratch, until the perfect opportunity arose to take over Tepper Pharmacy.”

In this new era of chain pharmacies and mail order prescriptions, one of the hallmarks of independent pharmacies, like Tepper, is their ability to understand and cater to the unique needs of their community.

“I want the service that we provide to make us unique,” Lehrman said. “The personal interactions we have with our customers is what makes us stand out and it is an important part of what makes Tepper Pharmacy a successful business.”

Beyond the traditional services most pharmacies offer, Tepper Pharmacy’s staff includes an employee who specializes in fittings for compression stockings and sleeves and is also an expert in durable medical equipment and wound care, a pharmacist who specializes in managing the medications for long-term care facilities in the area, and a pharmacy team that services local dialysis centers.

To help the community stay healthy, Tepper Pharmacy administers vaccinations, offers free delivery anywhere in the Philadelphia metropolitan area, and makes every attempt to fill all prescriptions by stocking a large inventory. These specialized and personalized services are just a few examples that exemplify the concern Lehrman and his pharmacy staff have for the community.

The Health Mart Community Healthcare Excellence Award program is a component of the Health Mart Healthy Living Tour, which is on the road to celebrate and recognize community pharmacists for the important role they play as trusted healthcare providers in their communities—helping to educate and counsel on a variety of conditions that can be better managed with the help of a pharmacist.  

“Health Mart pharmacies fill a gap in today’s busy healthcare system by providing broader access to clinical services and medication counseling, and our pharmacists often serve as the first point of care for everyone from new parents to grandparents,” said Chuck Wilson, vice president of Health Mart. “We recognize that issues like diabetes and obesity are serious epidemic affecting millions of Americans, and these 10 pharmacists have proven themselves as go-to resources for those in their community managing these diseases.”


PT Student Says Doodling Can Aid Learning

Note3Unless a student is in an art class, drawing during a lecture is usually frowned upon. But Zachary Dae DPT'19 is a firm believer that mindless scribbling may actually aid the learning process, not hinder it.

“I have always wanted to work in the medical field, particularly with veterans and people with prosthetics,” said Dae. “I have put some serious thought into careers that would allow me to showcase my artistic abilities and medical education, and designing prosthetics seems like a very interesting route to take after I graduate from USciences.”

His notebooks are full of sketches of intricate cell models and the human anatomy–drawings he feels represent a balance between work and play.

“There are two main reasons I use artwork in my notes: the first being visual reference and the second being enjoyment,” said Dae. “When I draw the pictures in my notes, I usually draw them right after the section that describes them, that way I'll have a picture to show everything and verify everything I have just read or have written.”

Note1Dae said his first semester at USciences was a wake-up call for him to change his study habits because he was not earning the types of grades that he did in high school and was not focused on his school work. Luckily, he said he developed mentorships with biology professors Drs. Dana Pape-Zambito, Catherine Purzycki, and Grace Farber, and each of them supported and encouraged his unique note-taking method because it helped him zero in on his schoolwork and retain the information he learned in class.

As for now, Dae is working toward his goal of completing his doctor of physical therapy degree and is happy to share his drawings with his classmates to help prepare them for homework assignments and exams.

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