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The Impacts of Our Profession

    Recognized as one of the most trusted of the health professions, pharmacists have always played a key role in the healthcare continuum. As young pharmacists in training, we are at the forefront of a profession that has taken on greater responsibility in providing patient care and management while helping to reduce healthcare costs.

    Did you know that pharmacists are not just responsible for dispensing medication but now provide important services such as:

  • Immunization and flu shot administration 
  • Diabetes counseling 
  • Blood pressure medication management through medication therapy management and substance abuse counseling, just to name a few.

    With the ongoing debate in the United States regarding healthcare costs, pharmacists are on the front lines to:

  • Increase access to healthcare and decrease costs by working with patients
  • Guard for proper administration of medications that has the potential to cut down on ailments and ER visits
  • Work on teams with other healthcare providers to ensure the best care for patients and provide important answers to many questions regarding medications and health conditions

    The fall months mark the start of Cold and Flu Season! That means more doctor visits and more so the increase in purchasing over the counter medications to combat the cold and flu.

  • According to the American Pharmacists Association, 82% of consumers purchase over the counter products recommended by their pharmacist
  • With so many medications on the market and their thousands of active ingredients, patients are encouraged to consult their pharmacist to maximize benefits.
  • The role of the pharmacist is to provide and counsel patients with the right over the counter medications

    We can provide patients with information about drug-food interactions, drug-drug interactions, or drug-supplement interactions

     We help patients select products that address the patient’s individual needs and help them sort through the many products that are available





-Alyssa Lesko, 2014 PharmD Candidate and APhA-ASP Chapter President-Elect 2011-2012



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