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4 posts from March 2010


The Science of Prediction

Last year I was interviewed about the science of prediction on the Discovery Channel for a show called Nostradamus Decoded.  The show aired in November 2009 and is now available online.

My short segment starts at about 3:06 into the episode.

Interview on the Discovery Channel (3:06)

More about the science of prediction is in my book:

The Pursuit of Destiny: A History of Prediction

Spring is here!

The sun is shining and we are ready to shed our layers of winter clothing (and perhaps layers of extra holiday treats) and get moving outside!  Lace up your sneakers, put on some comfy clothes and grab your basketball - let's go!


The above is what we're all thinking....but to prevent injury and keep that spring feeling going, let's slow down first and get prepared.  Above all, visit your doctor for a quick check-up and get clearance to exercise (yes, even walking is considered exercise). Next, select proper attire for your chosen activity.  Get some new shoes if necessary - walkers get walking shoes. Running? Get some running shoes. Do not think that you can "economize" in this area.  Certain activities are NOT interchangeable and neither is attire.  START SLOWLY.  Don't be the weekend warrior setting yourself up for injury when rushing out to play four hours on the front nine with zero warm-up.  If you want to run, start by walking even at a brisk clip.  Slowly increase your intensity as your current activity becomes easier for you.  REALIZE that indoor conditions are very different from outdoor siuations.  Traffic, (both auto and pedestrian), uneven sidewalks, potholes, wind, and other environmental conditions will increase the intensity and difficulty of your usual indoor workout.  Slowly adapt to the new conditions.  Stretch AFTER your workout.  Your muscles will be warmed up, you increase your flexibility and may even prevent or decrease the severity of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).  Let's recap:

  • Get your PCP's clearance for activity
  • Chose proper activity attire
  • Start slowly
  • Recognize the different outdoor versus indoor conditions
  • Stretch after your activity

Simple, yet often forgotten tips to enjoy spring and cruise right into summer.  New get outside and breathe in that fresh air!


Philadephia Inquirer Quotes Dr. Stefanacci on Healthcare Reform

Philadephia Inquirer: Will Obama's health bill pay off in Phila. region?
By Jane M. Von Bergen, Sun, Mar. 21, 2010

"Filling in the doughnut hole," said Richard Stefanacci, associate professor of health policy at University of the Sciences in Philadelphia. Stefanacci, an internist and expert in geriatric drug utilization, was referring to the proposed $250 rebate for seniors that would help cover a gap in the Medicare prescription-drug program. That provision would go into effect this year. Read more.


The Simpsons Visit the University of the Sciences

Last summer I had the amazing opportunity to participate in the Simpsons 20th Anniversary Special 3-D on Ice, directed by Morgan Spurlock.  I was invited on the show because of my book about science on the Simpsons:

What's Science Ever Done for Us? What the Simpsons Can Teach Us About Physics, Robots, Life and the Universe

On a sunny day in August 2009, Morgan Spurlock and his crew came to one of the University of the Sciences' biology teaching labs and filmed me performing science experiments related to the Simpsons.  It was fantastic meeting them, and a very enjoyable experience overall.

It was wonderful to see the segment 'The Science of the Simpsons' on the show when it was broadcast on January 10, 2010.  Here is a clip:

Simpsons 20th Anniversary Special: 'The Science of the Simpsons'

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