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Dr. Amy Jessop honored with Public Health Recognition Award

Dr. Amy Jessop, an associate professor of health policy and public health at University of the Sciences and director of Hepatitis Treatment Research and Education Center, received the Individual Public Health Recognition Award from the College of Physicians of Philadelphia on May 10 for her work with Prevention Point Philadelphia. Dr. Jessop is a member of the board of directors at Prevention Point Philadelphia (PPP), an organization focused on reducing the risk for those who are at high risk for contracting HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis and other blood-borne diseases. The organization was founded in 1991 as an underground syringe exchange. It was...

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USciences faculty show off classroom innovations at annual poster session

Faculty looking for new and different teaching methods to implement into their classrooms got a spark of inspiration Friday, May 13 at the annual Educational Innovations Poster Session. At the session, USciences faculty presented their own studies of classroom innovations that work to get students more engaged and learning more effectively. The event, held at the Athletic/Recreation Center, capped a week of faculty and staff enrichment workshops that followed the end of the spring semester. The winning posters will be announced at the annual faculty luncheon on June 9. There are two categories — the Leahy Faculty Award for Learning...

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USciences team to be honored at American Heart Association’s Heartsaver Awards

The New Jersey American Heart Association will recognize University of the Sciences’ CPR Leadership Team for going above and beyond basic CPR curriculum requirement at an award ceremony on June 1. The Heartsaver Awards, held at the Robert Wood Johnson Hamilton Center for Health and Wellness in Hamilton, NJ, honor individuals who made a rescue effort to save the life of an individual experiencing a cardiac emergency or any organization or business that takes extraordinary steps to strengthen the American Heart Association Chain of Survival. The Chain of Survival is five steps crucial to someone experiencing a cardiac arrest, heart...

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Kayla Askey PharmD’20 awarded for research into plant extract’s toxicity to breast cancer cells

Kayla Askey PharmD’20 won first prize in the PharmD category last month at Thomas Jefferson University’s Sigma Xi Student Research Day for her research on a South African medicinal plant which contains extracts that are selectively toxic to breast cancer cells, while leaving healthy cells unaffected. Askey’s research poster, presented at the April 13 event, outlined research into the use of extracts from a medicinal plant called Myrothamnus flabellifolius, which induced apoptosis of breast cancer cells. The extract causes the Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC) cells to die within 72 hours after treatment without affecting the normal breast cells, according...

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What is Big Data and how will it revolutionize the health industry? Part III

Big Data has already made an impact in many industries, and is transforming how we think of healthcare and public health. It will continue to revolutionize healthcare, pharmaceuticals, clinical trial management, administration, and all aspects of the health industry. The US has the highest healthcare costs in the world, and our outcomes are often mediocre. The application of Big Data techniques will help reduce these costs and improve outcomes. As the field matures, we will see a cumulative effect, as insights build atop each other. Big Data is a revolution, but it is still in its infancy. The truth is,...

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The European Biosimilars Market

In previous blogs, I have written about what biosimilars are and have speculated about the development of the US biosimilars industry. While the US biosimilars market may not fully mature for another decade, the European biosimilars market has been expanding for years. In this blog, I will analyze what the European biosimilars market looks like and whether it is a preview of the US biosimilars market. The biosimilars market in Europe has existed now for over a decade. The first approved biosimilar was a somatotropin in 2006. Since then, Europe has seen 22 biosimilars emerge in several different drug classes...

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What is Big Data and how will it revolutionize the health industry? Part II

Big Data is poised to revolutionize the healthcare industry. The revolution goes beyond just analyzing text based notes. It is being used in predictive analytics, prescriptive analytics, genomics, and in many other ways. You may have heard the term “Internet of Things.” This refers to the fact that many devices are now connected to the Internet, from your phone to your car to wearables like the Apple Watch and FitBit. It is estimated that by 2020, there will be 25 billion connected devices. These devices capture real time data, and allow for real-time alerts. They produce tons of data on...

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The Reference Product Strikes Back

A lot of consideration has gone into biosimilars and what they mean for the biologics drug market. The idea behind biosimilars is that they will reduce costs by providing cheaper alternatives to existing biologic drugs. As mentioned in previous blogs however, biosimilars are by no means a cheap and simple cure to high drug costs. There are several road blocks like high production costs and long periods of development biosimilars must face on the way to the market place. These road blocks cut into the discounts biosimilars could offer. This leaves a unique opening for reference products. Reference products could...

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More Faculty, Staff, Student and Alumni Achievements

Student Mathematics Papers Presented at Section Meeting Faculty sponsor and Professor of Mathematics Dr. Salar Alsardary led a group of USciences students to present papers at the Eastern Pennsylvania and Delaware Section of the Mathematical Association of America at Muhlenberg College on April 2, 2016. The undergraduates presented on three topics. The History of Algorithms: Deion Floyd PhC’17, Eli Halpern C’17 Sudoko: Matt Marshall BI’19, Tori Lugiano C’19 The History of Knight's Tour: Brianna Mengini PharmD’20, Brielle Okulicz PharmD’20, Jaden Daubert PharmD’20 Student Life’s Deena Smith, a Residence Director for Goodman and Wilson Halls, was recently accepted into the Regional...

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Biosimilars and P&T Committees

Imagine that you are on an APPE rotation at a local managed care organization (MCOs) and your preceptor asks you to research a medication that is being considered on the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee (P&T Committee). Because P&T Committees are inter-professional committees designed to consider whether to add a new medication to a formulary, you as a student pharmacist are expected to find information to help make that decision. Since pharmacists are expected to speak the language of business and science, your research must cover a broad area. As you begin to research the medication, you notice that it is...

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