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New microbiology course offers look into bread, chocolate and coffee

For me, the words “bread, chocolate, and coffee” conjure daydreams of a warm summer day, sipping espresso and indulging a Pain au Chocolat at a French bistro by the sea. But would you be surprised to hear that that same daydream is only possible because of microbes? Yes, those savory and sweet concoctions only make it to our cups and plates after spending some quality time with bacteria and yeasts. This semester, students in USciences Applied Microbiology course will learn about the process of fermentation in producing bread, chocolate and coffee. Fermentation was, quite likely, “discovered” by accident in ancient...

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More Faculty, Staff, and Student Achievements

Dorela Prifanji PharmD’17 was recognized with the Student Award from the Pennsylvania Society of Health System Pharmacists. The award is given to a student actively involved in initiatives related to advancing the practice of health system pharmacy. Lia Vas PhD, professor of mathematics, has been granted sabbatical leave during which she has received approximately seven invitations to present at institutions in Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, and Norway while also collaborating on a research project with Dr. Roozbeh Hazrat of Wester Sydney University in Australia. Dr. Vas said she hopes to increase visibility of research at USciences and foster new projects...

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USciences Physics Students Attend PhysCon in San Francisco

Students from USciences’ Society of Physics Students (SPS) traveled to San Francisco, Calif. in November 2016 for PhysCon, the quadrennial physics conference held by the National Society of Physics Students. From Left to Right: Caitlyn McConnell, Oberon Wackwitz, Mia Vega, Katee O'Malley, Luke Conover toured San Francisco during PhysCon. During the trip the group attended the conference, hearing from Dr. S. James Gates, a theoretical physicist known for his work in supersymmetry, who recently won the National Medal of Science for his outstanding contributions to the field of physics, and Nobel Laureate Dr. Eric Cornell. Additionally, the students participated in...

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Genesis CAREs Presents Discussion of Interprofessional Evidence-Based Practice

On November 9, 2016, Genesis Healthcare Center for Aging Research and Education (Genesis CAREs) presented a panel discussion for about 80 USciences students, staff, alumni and partners on the topic of interprofessional evidence-based practice. The panel included Dr. Penelope Moyers, Dr. Patricia Finch-Guthrie, Ms. Patricia Anderson Magnus from St. Catherine's University in Minneapolis, and USciences’ Dr. Anthony Acquavella, medical director of the graduate physician assistant studies and vice chair of the department of physician assistant studies. The discussion centered around a new book Interprofessional Evidence-Based Practice, by Dr. Moyers and Dr. Finch-Guthrie. During the discussion there were several examples offered...

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Brewing Science Students Gain Hands-On Experience in Internships with Local Breweries

Having completed months of lab courses studying the biology, chemistry and physical makeup of beer, the first cohort of students enrolled in the Brewing Science Certificate program got a taste of brewing at a commercial scale at their first internships at local breweries this fall. The six students, who are on pace to graduate the program this year, got hands-on experience working at local breweries like Weyerbacher Brewing in Easton, Conshohocken Brewing Company, and Lavante Brewing Company in West Chester. Students are matched with internships that correspond with their career objectives. For example, some students are looking to work on...

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USciences Helped Romy Antoine BI’12 Find the Intersection of Science and Entrepreneurship

What started as a class research project has turned into a career for Romy Antoine BI’12. While he had kept a fitness and lifestyle blog previously, the idea to build the blog into an online personal training company, called RippedNFit, really took off as a business during his senior year at USciences, when he re-designed and expanded the site for his capstone project. “I re-designed the blog and published articles using the concepts I learned in class over the years,” said Antoine. The website now includes daily motivation, workout routines, and recipes. Antoine also uses the blog to publish articles...

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USciences students get a lesson on alcohol abuse prevention, public safety

Approximately 200 University of the Sciences students discussed the ramifications of drug and alcohol abuse, noise violations, underage drinking and the use of fake IDs at a meeting with an officer from the Philadelphia Police Department last month hosted by the Office of Student Engagement. On Wednesday, October 26th, Lt. Derek Hawkins, commanding officer at University City District, spoke to USciences students involved in fraternities and sororities about hot topics that impact college students. Following Lt. Hawkins' presentation, a question and answer session was held giving students the opportunity to ask questions pertaining to the topics discussed. Each semester, fraternity...

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Big jump in PA maternal and neonatal hospital stays, need for treatment, due to opioid crisis

Addiction treatment programs in Pennsylvania generally give pregnant women first priority in access to treatment. But with the opioid crisis straining already limited budgets and program resources across the Commonwealth, more access to treatment, housing, care management, and specialized programming for mothers is needed to meet demand, according to presenters at a Maternal Care Coalition forum. Presenters at the Philadelphia program, held in September, described the impact of the opioid crisis on maternal health to a packed room of several hundred healthcare, social services, and public health providers. Local experts presented on barriers to care, funding challenges, and best practices...

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Philip Masaitis PharmD’17 Named Leader of Tomorrow by the Drug Information Association

In recognition of his leadership of the USciences’ chapter of Drug Information Association, Philip Masaitis PharmD’17 recently received of the Leader of Tomorrow - Americas Inspire Award at the DIA’s 2016 annual meeting in Philadelphia. “The chapter affects the lives of students by enlightening them about opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry, a potential for a rewarding career,” said Masaitis. “Being president of this student organization and contributing to this cause by sharing my passion has been an extremely fulfilling experience.” Masaitis accepted the award during the 52nd annual conference in June and said the award reflects not just on him,...

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USciences Students Get an Introduction to Army Life at Fort Knox Basic Camp

Eyelids heavy, running on just four hours of sleep and sitting propped up against their packs, Adam Reed HS’19 and Lauren Kaminski PharmD’21 knew they couldn’t give in to fatigue because the call to protect their unit from an attack could come at any time. “Being out in the field you have to be ready for anything,” said Reed. “It is continuous training.” Reed and Kaminski weren’t under assault in the deserts of the Middle East, but rather simulating a battle scenario in the hills of Kentucky. Lauren Kaminski PharmD’21 at morning lab with ROTC Task Force Dragon Battalion at...

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Pharmacy Students Recognized at City Hall in Honor of American Pharmacists Month

Student representatives from the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy’s Student Society of Health System Pharmacy were honored by Philadelphia City Council on Thursday October, 27, 2016 with a resolution in honor of American Pharmacist Month, which is celebrated in October. Councilwoman Jannie L. Blackwell led the presentation with other members of the council, reading the resolution in full before presenting Christopher Dorian PharmD’19 with a copy of resolution. Dorian thanked the council members, saying he hopes that the organization will be a resource to the city’s legislative leaders should they consider legislation regarding the role of pharmacists in the health system....

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